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If you are watching the main stream Wisconsin voter coverage  – turn it off.  They are all lying to try and explain the voter fraud.  I have tried to watch it with a fair sense of reality and failed to find any relation.  If you watch …. take notes for it will change minute to minute as they try and establish their narrative that seems to become believable.
Those who know their candidate will not be fooled any more than any who know who they trust.  If you trust the establishment media…by all means continue to listen to their rhetoric.  If you know the establishment media lies…walk away.  Do not allow them to lie to you again to your face, it will only cause ripples in your energy field. The energy you will need to go forward in this election year and every day life.

The world is watching and laughing, some are gasping, especially when they think of how America’s presidents have manipulated elections of the middle east.  LOL.  Putin is smiling as he is now proven correct.  Ukraine’s  elections (among the other western influenced elections) were manipulated by the United States and corrupted.  Laughing he is, and the entire world citizenship and leadership is laughing (some may be gasping) at the mayhem, voter fraud, cheating, lying and giant scam that is taking place in the light of day before all the world. All brought to you by the two parties of one – ONE PARTY MERGED TO BRING ABOUT A ONE WORLD ORDER! It may have two names…but it is NOW obvious and in your face as one party….a corrupt thing…an evil thing…a thing controlled by establishment elite.
Watch the video above and note, that I have told you before and telling you now once again, the entire craziness we are watching is the destruction of the entire political election PROCESS AND SYSTEM.  What the GOP and DEMs are doing is insuring the destruction of the entire political process in order to move the election process into a new process which is that of a member committee to elect the next ranks of leadership.  It is the very same process as the United Nations has employed- LEADERSHIP APPOINTMENT BY COMMITTEE VOTE…and why our elections have turned into chaos.  All of this is to convince the public that elections are not to be done by a people and Super PACS and instead must be done by sound judgment of (corrupt) leader members elected by who?  Corrupt puppet masters?  The same who developed this system in the UN are the same ones behind the chaos to bring this about in our American political system?  WAKE UP AND SAY NO!  INSTEAD REMOVE THE CORRUPTION! Yes, I know that I am the very first to tell you this…but please hear it.  For it is fact.
Look and see what this same establishment elite have done to control the middle east elections…all the nations they have tumbled and in their place have arisen western establishment owned,  designated, and appointed men from the ashes.  Laugh…laugh loudly….spit if you must…but see it.  See it all for the fraud it is and has been!  The truth shall set you free.

Do you want Hillary?  She is already voter frauded up to her eyeballs when she should be in a jump suit up to the same.  Do you want any one who is part of the game here? Are you going to allow the establishment to shove this person down your throat, when she should be shoved in jail!  I do not and will never vote nor agree to any of it.  I am for Trump who is for America.  He has the nation’s vote by a landslide and what we are witnessing now is usurpation of power and extreme corruption!
Stand up and do not allow the force feeding of crap down your throat again.  EAT CRAP NO  MORE!  STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT!
Think about it how is this woman winning any part of America that is significant?  How is Cruz?  It is called establishment control over the voting machines.  Pure and simple.
Dianne Marshall
TRUMP AAAAuntitled

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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