“The caucus I attended was so disorganized. The process we used to vote tonight was so different then other years. You used to divide up according to the candidate you supported and went into a separate room and voted. The votes were counted in front of everybody and then handed in.” said a disenchanted Iowa Caucus goer.
“Tonight there were 4,000 people in a room and you gathered around a table according precinct. No one knew if you were really from that precinct or not so you could go from table to table and vote. You also could vote, hand in your ballot and ask for another one and because there were so many people no one would have said anything.
“You could have voted for whoever you wanted to many times. It was disgraceful. Then once the ballots got to be counted, if the person counting them didn’t like your candidate, they could easily change the votes.
“This has never happened before at a caucus I attended and I am just shocked it was allowed to go on this way.”
So what went wrong and why?  It is apparent that the morning after has given many a chance to let the smoke clear and access the true outcome of last nights election in Iowa. Not too many people are accepting the mainstream propaganda that this is what Iowa does.  It certainly never has before – according to those who felt the fraud crunch, received false statements regarding Dr. Carson dropping out of the race, and those astonished at the Microsoft rise of Rubio out of the ashes of failed town hall attendance numbers, let alone the low polling average.
Regarding Microsoft voting machines – the trouble is, hackers can enter ‘code’ at any point in the process , then exit, then return and remove the code. So inspections after the fact won’t show much. They ‘erase’ what they can.
What seems to be happening is that results are monitored in real time. When the vote-theft algorithm needs adjusting it’s done. So, for example, if the code commands ‘flip every 4th vote’ and it’s not enough, they switch to ‘flip every 3rd vote’. This way they steal only what they need to steal.
All is done remotely – from anywhere in the world, so long as the thief has online access and the means to ‘get in’ to the system.
There you have it….so what can be done to prevent this in future elections? The answer to that is what we must all demand to be answered.
Is America supposed to say to Cruz….hey no big deal?  Underhanded and unethical violations of the election process are okay because we know you are such an evangelical conservative and Dr. Carson is just a Christian with less than your superior conservative outlook…and hey Trump is just a man of the people who are simply mesmerized by the idea of actually making America great again.  What does the silent majority really understand about that anyway?
I do not think America is going to do that.  In fact social media is twittering so fast it looks like a lightning storm….facts are just beginning to be digested.  The people are looking and they aren’t liking the ugly things they are seeing.  I won’t even mention the tie breaker that occurred between Bernie and Hillary by a coin toss.  That would be way to much to deal with on top of all the other unsettling things on display.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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