Afghanistan What’s True?

Andrew Solender on Twitter: "Trump says Biden should “resign in disgrace”  over Afghanistan… "

So you really believe this is what happened in Afghanistan without being staged? Remember fake news is pushing this fiasco. Ask questions and look at all things.

The Taliban was created by, and is armed and funded by the United States Government – why aren’t they mentioning this?

A timeline of more than 40 years of war in Afghanistan

The Taliban was created under the Reagan Administration to combat Russian troops that entered Afghanistan during the cold war. Pakistan assisted the Reagan Administration in creating a counter force called the Taliban.

Backstory summary: Because the United States did not want to see the Soviet Union take control over Central Asia, the U.S. funded troops to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. These troops were called the Mujahedeen. The Mujahedeen were armed, funded and supported by the U.S., Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Under Reagan’s presidency, the Democrat led Congress decided to form a partnership with the ISI which would recruit the Mujahideen with the support of the Pakistani military extreme views of Islam. The Mujahedeen were led to fight against the Soviet Union. these extremist succeeded in driving Soviet militants out (1989). This defeat caused the Soviets to lose billions of Dollars, and led to the collapse of the Soviet Union after the war, thus “Gorbachev tear down this wall”. After that, Pakistan was left alone to deal with the problems associated with the post war. The US Government created al-Qa’ida with Usama bin Ladin and funded it along with Pakistan to help end the conflicts it created by dabbling in foreign affairs against Russia in the first place. There is a lot of Jihad groups involved in this East Asian conflict, explained in the link provided, but in short, Usama Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida group and Afghanistan’s Taliban government were really creations of American policy. Read more here: Who Is Responsible for the Taliban? | The Washington Institute

At the same time, President Trump calls for Biden to Resign over his Taliban takeover. What is up? Something is going down.

In short, US and Saudi governments have been aligned in much of the chaos created in the middle east, including Hillary’s Arab Spring. The toppling of governments was a cabal goal then, and yet now. The CIA was involved in Opium production in the poppy fields in Afghanistan. When President Trump took office he raided the Bush era CIA Opium Labs and burned down the poppi fields. Trump’s opium war: US begins bombing Taliban drug labs as new Afghanistan strategy takes hold | South China Morning Post (

Trump bombed the CIA Opium Labs in November 2017. It could well be that the Cabal is taking back the fields with plans to resume their Opium trade. That appears to be a logical explanation and to create a war in the process is always good for the merchants. But, then again, nothing is ever as it appears. The U.S. begins bombing Taliban drug labs as Trump’s Afghanistan strategy takes hold – The Washington Post

This video shows what this opium war is all about. Money, money, at the price of humanity. The devil is busy day and night making sure his merchants make money off of war, poverty, drugs and creating a bit of hell on earth.



All of Satan’s banks and corporate merchants, are greedy, hoarding little creatures. Every one of them were and still are, ready to build and fund both sides of any war. After all, they are corporate manufacturers and commerce, not military and they buy the Kings who control the military so they have everything money can buy. They really believe they sit a Queen and shall see no sorrow. But, that is not how it is written in prophecy for their lot. They go down, weeping and wailing for no body buys their goods any more. And the kings who gave their crowns to do its’ bidding get angry at this beast system and it hates the whore and burns her with fire. That is what is written. And Babylon falls. So hold on there is still a lot to be done before this is over.

We are dealing with bad people. People who power, and money are most important. Winning is everything to them, even though they keep losing. So as the end attacks are thrown at us, we need to remember they are liars. And we need to look for and expose their lies.

In this war since it began, no one questioned at all that he who owned the gold dictated how the world was to run. Instead, men lusted after it and sought how to join the ranks of those who had mastered it. Satan’s minions certainly keep their pointy claws digging around in all of it.

Are you seeing how how they work yet? Don’t be frightened, wake up and call them out for the cunning sly foxes and slithering snakes that they are!

To the great merchants of the earth, it never mattered whether it was France, Great Britain, Germany, Africa, Middle East, or the good ole USA, whatever war was needed to boost their coffers and make their cash registers sing, that is who they targeted, With Jesuit trained priests and thugs, they layed out plans to foment war and executed them with precision. The beauty of it was, they funded both sides. It was truly the war of the worlds and they were the little gods causing it to happen. Oh, what gracious lenders they were, so fair and balanced as they drooled at the sheer thought of their high interest and other gains they planned to take from their foolish cash cows. As long as it was war with usury to be gained, and minerals to be taken, they were there to figure out a plan to make it as profitable for themselves as possible.

All the western wars were created in think tanks and for a price they found a ready taker of their silver to do the tasks to bring it about. There were always plenty of grubby little hands out begging for coins to do more of whatever needed done.

As the years passed by all the technology, weaponry and nations were gathered up in the hands of the cabal. In lockstep, the grubby workers set out to do the bidding of the great merchants who controlled the entire live theater from the shadows. Deep state operatives in open think tanks, such as the Council On Foreign Relations forment the plans that will best carry out the cabal’s desire. The Club of Rome with its’ hand picked brilliant thinkers gathered in secret to devise plans that like dominoes falling…create a chain reaction of events called false flags, to bring about a desired result. They specialize in “crisis creation,” using the Hegelian Dialectic to accomplish their goals. New World Order – One Government World – Club of Rome (

So now here we are and Afganistan is in turmoil. COVID HAS BEEN EXPOSED as a fraud plandemic and the jabs are getting harder and harder to sell. People dying and disabled for life is a tough sell, so now it is on to the next plan… a world war. Do you see it brewing? It is in our face.

So in order to figure out what will happen next, you have to think like the deviants who devised this plan and cut them off at the pass. Lopping them off at the knees is a tough thing for they are in every municipality and organization world wide. They are even pastoring your churches and feeding God’s sheep. So, look at Afganistan with the proper eyes and see what they are doing based on how they have done things in the past.

Keep pressing into the kingdom. Stay focused and know the same ones who are doing this evil are the same ones who have created all the wars. They kill, steal and destroy from the shadows and never come out into the light. Their pawns are the ones that are blamed…while they are free to plan the next chain of attacks.

Find these shadow dwellers and you lop off the head of the beast. And remember…nothing is as it appears.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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