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Written by John Miranda
It is time to address the never ending main False Narrative theme being put out by our mainstream media against Donald John Trump: 
That Trump is a racist has already been debunked yet our false propaganda mainstream media will not drop this issue…
Mr. Trump has received endorsements from prominent African American leaders such as Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain. 
He has been endorsed by the Conservative Black Republicans Committee and the National Black Ministers Association. TRUMP Y2015120101088-650
Numerous African American sports stars such as Herschel Walker & Mike Tyson have also given Mr. Trump their endorsement.
Donald Trump has clearly been endorsed by more prominent African Americans then all of the other Republican candidates combined.
Looking upon who has given Trump the best introduction at a rally my vote would go to Pastor Darrell Scott. Guess what? He is also an African American.
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That organizations funded by George Soros can gather up a 100 or 200 protesters needs to be understood:
1) Soros is recruiting these ‘protesters’ from areas where unemployment is through the roof and paying them $10-15 dollars an hour. This is a fact.
2) Due to the false narrative being portrayed of Mr. Trump by our mainstream media it is obviously easy to entice those who are unemployed that still believe the lies that mainstream media puts out.
The true insanity of all of this of course is the fact that Trump Policy Plans upon trade and immigration would generate more jobs in African American communities than any other candidate…
The USA is not upon the verge of a race war because of Donald Trump as our false propaganda mainstream media would have us all believe.
See through the lies & deception and understand why so much attention is being given to these few hundred PAID agitators that George Soros has managed to splash out upon our tv screens primarily via CNN & FOX…
Soros is a globalist who is for the TPP, the creation of the North American Union & indeed the NWO.
All things that Donald John Trump opposes.TRUMP AAAAuntitled
A vote for Trump is a vote for a strong sovereign USA. A vote against Trump is a vote for George Soros.  
John Miranda

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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