A Wolf Shouts – I See A Bear!


And they who sit on high from their own deceits cry, a goat a goat!  He comes to horn you! And the sheep look up and say, yes a goat, a goat who comes to horn us.  A few sheep reason and they shout, the goat is always among us? Why cry thou out he comes to horn us?  The wolf in shepherds clothing does not like the cry of the sheep with eyes. He shouts blind sheep have no eyes, blind sheep have no eyes. Bid they say no more. The other sheep shout, blind sheep have no eyes listen not to them. Make them say no more.

The wolf in shepherds clothes smiles and sees how his deceit has gotten the sheep pointing to the other sheep crying speak no more for there is a goat, a goat coming to horn us. They shout over the few so loudly they cannot be heard.

He smiles smugly and thinks of even a more clever plan. He lifts up his staff of self righteousness and begins to cry out as he points,  look a bear a bear!  A bear with big claws and teeth coming to eat the sheep!  The sheep who are now believing every word of the false wolf in shepherd’s clothing holding the staff of self righteousness…look up. They cannot see the bear. The wolf shouts again, he is in the distance, your eyes are weak but mine see it clearly. And the sheep begin to shout “a bear, a bear!”  The sheep with eyes shout, there is no bear but a shepherd in wolfs clothing!  The sheep are angry and shout above the sheep with eyes and the rams butt them with their heads. The sheep are scattered and run away from the angry flock.

The sheep who chased them feel they did what was right and return to the wolf in shepherds clothes and they cry, “ Oh shepherd, what shall we do for a bear is approaching us?”  The clever wolf shouts, “Kill the bear! Kill the bear!”

The sheep all cry, “Kill the bear, kill the bear before he devours us all!”

And that my friends is how it is done. You don’t need an army. All you need is a clever shepherd.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God – be not deceived! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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