A Taste of What’s Going Around-

I step away for one day to do a deep dive research and boom –

Many little nasty things taking place here and there, and lots of people I know personally asking me what the heck is going on with the ones that are supposed to be on our side? What’s going on with Russia? What’s going on with Flynn? I have to say all the questions were old to me… but, I answered them all that this is what happens when you try to act like the cookie cutter Christian that came with the man-made instructions instead of running to the Holy Spirit for truth. We need to quit following the flesh and lean more into the Holy Spirit for all direction and discernment.

I will say this once. As followers of the way of Jesus, that does not mean we are zombie love children passing out food and flowers while people spit in our faces and crumple our daisies. That is not what standing for the Lord is all about. Not at all.

The Pariah Messiah | Beggar's Bread

Read the scriptures and look at what Jesus said to the pharisees, the Sadducees, and the High Priests. He said some strong things to them when they got in his face all testy…. things like You are like fancy white tombs filled with dead men’s bones. When certain pharisees came to warn Jesus to flee for Herod would kill him for healing on the sabbath, Jesus said unto them, “Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.” Luke 13: 32 He even told the Pharasees and High Priests their father was Satan. So….truth is truth. Call out the truth. Just don’t use nasty curse words and invent lies.

Truth shall set you free and learn to rebuke the devil and he will flee. Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus! Use your full armor of God. We are to press forward. Never did the Lord tell us to stand and let others pound you down without defending yourself. Even John the Babtist called bad ones a brood of vipers! Which was the truth. Now I am not suggesting we all start calling people vipers or throwing over money changer tables … but, I am saying we are at war and if the enemy is coming at you there are two choices- fight or flight. I like flight, but there are times I must stand and fight, and we fight with the sword of the Lord which is the Word of God. And we put on the whole armor so we can stand in the wicked day against the wiles of the devil! Stay in close faith with the Lord asking always questions to Him and He will answer you and guide you. You will fear not and you will have peace in your heart and soul.

That being said, this is the kind of stuff we are up against…daily! Bad things filled with propaganda. We have to guess if it’s real or a mirage or fake or a lie. Every day, on every issue! Therefore, hold the Lord’s hand and don’t worry about asking too many questions. Ask away!

Is this Newsom or a double…it sure doesn’t sound like him…but hey??? I call it a double. Wonder where the real one went?

Trump was denied troops prior to J6. So now we have Gen. Flynn’s brother Gen. Charles Flynn, in deep water caught lying. Yes, another Flynn caught lying saying he didn’t deny getting guard help. I read that DOD Miller and all who heard him deny Nat. Guard help ahead of time were stunned at this. But, hey… he wasn’t alone and he certainly can’t say he was just following orders. He was actually, NOT following the Commander in Chief’s requests. He was denying them and following Pelosi. Says President Trump, so now what????

But don’t take my word for it…read here: Former DC Guard Official Rips ‘Unmitigated’ Jan. 6 Lies Of Michael Flynn’s Brother | HuffPost Latest News

Below: this could be a perp walk or it could be another move to tick everyone off. Not sure?

And now we are arresting children for not presenting vax cards. The kids are now law breakers, next they will tag grade schools as terrorist camps. This has got to stop. It’s enough. But they are trying to pressure people so they have to set examples with the kids, because that’s the only ones they can handle without a fight. Or is this a crisis actor live theater scene for effect in the show? Question all things. EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN. It’s like the weather… we see stripes and then we have disaster weather, and we are told it had to do with some frontal system, and bla, bla, bla. Same as we are told about all things. People don’t comprehend it because they grew up being told crazy things and now crazy things sound normal and truth sounds like a lie. Satan did a good job on his mesmerizing.


What’s up with Joseph Flynn? Heard he’s been mouthing off all sorts of nasty things to all types of people on social media and podcasts. He’s been going on people’s social media status’s and bullying commenters he doesn’t even know, (I witnessed this on telegram myself, he got people riled up). He’s doing a lot of odd things these days, or so it appears, like telling Christians to repent and laughing at them after calling them names. The mocking he’s doing against many influencers with his nasty accusations would get him blocked as a troll. What happened to all the stop the infighting bla, bla, bla. I guess we are witnessing the fact that it was always infiltration and not so much inside squabbles. Let’s see, first they do it to a high-ranking person and get away with it, then they come for you. That seems to be the drill here.

What on earth does he think he can just do this and Christians are all going to be like…. I’ll pray for you? Remember even Jesus turned over the tables when they turned his Father’s house into a den of thieves. He certainly was an infighter when infiltrators were involved!

A lot of people don’t seem to realize we are at war with both mean nasty cabal, demonic spirits and principalities and powers in dark places.

I said a few days ago that it was only a matter of time before these fakers of faith will go nuts with us and start attacking. And here we go… BOOM! Happened sooner than I thought.

Now here’s an interesting telegram….

Lin retweeted this, and I omitted the name out of privacy concerns…but it does make you think.

Lin Wood, [1/20/2022 10:30 PM]
[Forwarded from *******]
I was at a patriot event in Pittsburgh PA tonight. I was incredibly angered when I learned that Patrick Byrne and Gen Mike Flynn are commandeering the precinct movement in key states. They are involved now with Virginians for America First movement which claims its work got ypungkin in as Governor. VFAF started by pastor Leon Benjamin who also goes on reawaken tours. They are building these same armies of precinct committee people under the guise of republicans/patriots saving America. Nothing Byrne or Flynn do is for We The People. Maybe this is what they moved on to after they tanked the Maricopa audit. Please, please get the word out so people know who is behind this. I agree with building our precinct committees with America first, God fearing patriots. That won’t happen if Byrne and Flynn have their mitts in it. The two reps for the PA faction said we can’t do anything about 2020, we have to look at 2022 and more importantly 2024. This is how they will get support for a Flynn campaign riding on the coat tails of uninformed/Illinformed patriots

What is this? Oh It’s ok, it’s just Clay Clark’s book from 2018.

image 68

I guess Clay said, people balked at the cover so he changed it from the one on the left to the one on the right. I am not sure which one I like best? Which one is your favorite?

From Clay’s same book. Guess he loves to quote guys like Rockefeller, the deep state cabal guy…R.I.P.

image 69

The inside chapter covers…all still have the pyramid that caused people to balk. Guess as long as it is inside that’s ok.

image 71

Now if he thought that was all cool…that’s his style of cool. What the issue is, when he is asked about it he gets all mad and acts up about it. Just say, I thought it was cool or whatever he thought? If he was ashamed of it, he would have pulled it and did a rewrite on the chapter covers, etc. But he did not so he likes it. So what? It is he that is getting angry at the feed back, not me. And he is the one with the Shhh God is watching you as he points his finger using scripture to shut up his critiques. I get criticized all the time, and all my life and most often falsely, we all get criticized, some more than others but if we did a thing and we like it, then own it. If we did a thing and we don’t like it then we make a decision to stop doing it. It’s that simple. It is no big deal. But this is a war, and these people are making some very big claims and therefore they are angry when people have questions. And I have to say that I have been very surprised that some of these new falling stars have made such stupid moves publicly.

The other day I was walking down the hall and I saw myself looking down at the world (in my thoughts, not a vision) and I chuckled as I saw all the people and thought of all the stupid things taking place and wondered how God saw us all. For I also know what my flaws are and I have made some goofs.

But the “SHHHH….God is Watching”, that got my attention and I balked.

image 72

Just saying…. we all need to look at these people a bit closer. BOOM!!! This is a war and many have entered in disguised (even quite poorly) as one of us…whoever us are? But, then again, aren’t we all sinners? Yes. But, then again… we are at war and some of these people are not working for our interests, they are serving their own or someone else’s who wants to control you and rule the world or profit off of their little corner of it.

Meanwhile, Russian military force ready for the dirty cabal games. Grab some popcorn and make sure you have a good book in case there is a blackout….

New satellite images show battle groups and a vehicle park in Yelnya, Russia on January 19, 2022.

Fear not, Joey is on it… even though it’s none of our business and the cabal’s monkey business is creating this. “I’ve already shipped over $600 million worth of sophisticated equipment, defensive equipment to the Ukrainians,” Biden stated in his presser. “The cost of going into Ukraine in terms of the physical loss of life for the Russians — and they’ll, they’ll be able to prevail over time, but it’s going to be heavy. It’s going to be real. It’s going to be consequential.”

President Biden stunned several Ukraine officials by not offering comment on the potential Russian invasion.

And the media can never get it right, they are saying, “On Thursday, Russia attempted to flip the narrative, accusing Western nations of planning “provocations” against Moscow.”

President Vladimir Putin has said that he is not planning to invade the Ukraine.

These people really believe people don’t know anything and have no memories.

Meanwhile on the 18th a convoy of Russian vehicles was seen in Crimea enroute to the borders. Putin has it covered on all sides and this is not a drill!

A convoy of Russian armored vehicles moves along a highway in Crimea on January 18, 2022.
Satellite images show extent of Russia buildup on Ukraine border (nypost.com)
image 67




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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