A Little Birdie and Tesla…

Boom! The “mis and dis” information campaign is now caught holding their empty lanterns. The gas is gone from their lamps… who will reel them in?

One thing we know for sure, there is a big exposure taking place and it is one that will take down a lot of nefarious people who have committed criminal acts. And we are talking both government and corporate here. Just going to say… Trump has this monster by the head.

Remember, Casting Central has doubles everywhere, along with a few C.G.I. animations, and of course Rubber masks.

Which brings us to another question people have been chattering about and that question is this…. Is Elon Musk a double? Many, think the man is not the same as the one a couple years ago. After looking, it does appear that the man did a 190 in his looks from hairline, nose structure, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, body type… he’s the New Tesla Model 2020 and beyond! His past is a multi flavored cocktail and his present is double bubble. His future? Who knows what that holds… but as we watch the Twitter Files unfold…no one is complaining. I sure am not… but I am curious how all these people change their looks overnight and expect us to just ignore it and act like they are who they say they are.

So many people have changed during this world war COVID, stolen election(s) and Ukraine on Fire the sequel.

As this part of the show , I was wondering if their will be a curtain call, where all the actors get to take a bow on the world stage?

Here is the metamorphosis…

Play it to the tune of “I get around”…..

Meet Elon Musk…

image 88

Pay attention to his features…. Just like any Tesla…we’re just checking under the hood to see how it’s made.

image 89

Photo below, Dashing in 2018… check the features on this Tesla Model! Looks authentic!

image 90

Think this model Tesla was from 2016 or 17?

image 91

Photo below from an article from 2018 titled, “Elon Musk says Tesla is making a mini-car that can fit an adult”.
By Mark Matousek  – Aug 6, 2018, 9:53 AM 

image 86
Elon Musk Aug – 2018

Elon Musk was sporting it in 2019! Check out his face, smiley cheeks and hair.

image 84

Here is Elon today… what happened to the man in the last two years? Something got rearranged.

image 87
Wonder what happened to his neck?

This current photo makes him look very important.

image 85

Current Model…call it the Twit….

image 92

Compare the two sets of features. The photo below is from 2002.

image 94

That being said… each can think, feel and decide for themselves. I find it very hard to believe that one could change so quickly and act so well… different. But then again, I never followed the man I just see the magnificent make up artistry that was done, yet there will be those that will insist he had cosmetic surgery and he is the same. So that’s fine too. And others are already saying he’s not the same guy. So… as with the rest of the show… each one can fit their own puzzle pieces and connect their own dots where they want them to connect.

image 95

The only reason I am showing the photos are to have you help me to determine if what others have been posting is true. Which is the post below…

image 96

What do you believe? I know that Twitter, Google, Facebook and some others are all controlled by In-Q-tel at the Pentagon and mostly the face of the one who owns these are fronts for the ones who gather information for their data mining, and other programs for NSA. The original technology that linked our social world together in chat forums was invented by McGibbens of Leader Technology and his patent was stolen by the CIA in the Federal patent office. That being said, we know Musk didn’t buy Twitter but it has been confiscated and now Musk is the face for it.

We have Kash Patel and others speaking out how they will help Musk because he doesn’t know how to present the information in the investigative manner. Well, we knew that… so go for it Patel. Let’s get this part of the show wrapped up and make some serious public announcements as to the list of those who are removed.

This Twitter move and the take down of nevarious disinformation players it has presented on the horizon is a good sign of winning. Zuck is coming in at a fast second place which shows us they have been conquered as well. It sounds to me like the good Generals have cleaned up the CIA, In-Q-Tel DARPA social networking programming…and more is coming out that will be huge.

So whether Musk is Musk or a double, or a rubber mask … he won’t be making his mind chips. One thing I know for certain, President Trump would have never put America’s new branch of the military Space Force and cyber security at the mercy of an independent contractor, and especially one as unpredictable as Musk … he has had a lot of funky things going on and it is still unclear if he, himself, ever contributed to his big tech accomplishments other than buying in and being appointed to head things and using lots of government grant dollars from tax payers. Which I always wondered why the tax payers get nothing for funding these high tech independent contractor programs? Shouldn’t we at least get some stock in the companies we have funded? Some free services or something?

So what do you think? Is he the same guy with just some plastic surgery and new eyebrows or a double? Some are saying he’s not the original Musk… but with the misinformation and disinformation…who knows… what say you?

That being said…

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God… Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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