Yes there are liberals, there are progressives who are out to destroy America in order to hand her over to their new world order….it has been the UN’s goal since their formation.  Yes there is much evil in the world.  But, what is also true is – YES THERE ARE MORE AMERICANS FOR AMERICA THAN THOSE WHO ARE FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER AND EVIL!
It is world wide, and its’ fruits can be seen like a science fiction horror film being played out in real time across the earth. Innocents are being slain, tortured, and tormented with no human rights being given them- only a blind eye.  God’s people across the earth are waking up and standing up against this evil beastly structure.
The head of the beast is being lopped off.  It is screaming and screeching lies and blasphemous words.  It will not just sit down, nor will it forgo its’ evil plans.  Even in defeat it will continue to do evil until it has no breathe at all.
In the new Trump administration, America is already seeing the shining light peering through the clouds of darkness.  Each day, as more light trickles through, evil rears its’ ugly head a bit higher.  All of this is according to what must Biblically be revealed in order to usher in a new kingdom on earth.  The wheat and the tares have grown together just as the good Lord said they would.  The scriptures are never wrong.  Stay strong my fellow warriors for there is much to do and we are the generation that has been chosen for such a time as this.
Let it be known that God did not leave us without leadership to go forward…he gave us a ram with a great horn. His name is DONALD J. TRUMP.  Other rams are coming forward to fight with the ram with a great horn…an army of elect are rising and forming a wall against the pursuits of the evil ones.  Stay strong, and hold the line!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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