501c3 and The Modern Day House of Merchandise!

Now there is nothing wrong with having nice convention halls to host great events. That is not the point here. We are not talking about using Churches for gatherings of people as bad, nor that they should not use such places to hold events. This is to point out the hypocrisy in the ones profiting off of peril, and the issues that sneak up on you when you sell your ministry to the government just so you don’t have to pay taxes. To get this exemption, you have to agree to the terms of the 501c3 rules, and abide by all of the IRS laws. These laws dictate how the church is to run their new business, even what they can and cannot say about the world inside their structures. Yes, you heard that right. It turns the church into a monetary thing called a business with guidelines and rules that must be obeyed. The tax collectors get to tell you how to operate and they, the IRS, are a corporation that collects taxes for foreign debts for the United Nations. You are dealing with International Police if you don’t obey.

The Lord never told His people to do any of this. This is not in the Bible. This is all man made and the World Council of Churches are a council made up of all religions and are in league to have a one world religious governing body where all denominations are one. Have you ever wondered what that one is going to look like? Well, the Bible calls it all Baal. If it is not of God, it is of Baal roots. This is the United Nations World Council of Churches and they are in lockstep with RESET, whether your pastor knows this fact or not… this is what it is. And that is what all this is about. Come out of her my people is a call to come out of the world, all of it. We are in it but not of it.

“The stage is set. A gorgeous church/venue for our ReAwaken America tour this weekend in Dallas. Oh! And comedian Jim Breuer is here!” Doug Billings.

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Brought to you by Clay Clark, who always has top billing in the Reawaken America tour and who is always reminding everyone that he was anointed by God to do all the things he is doing, so don’t question anything and step on up and buy a ticket to the church setting.  After all, Clay has told us that the average fee from the Mega Churches to use their set ups is around $100,000. And then his other set up expenses are huge…so tickets start at $250 or whatever you can pay.

I know God is watching all of these things and he sees that Clay or Mr. Clark is in charge of the money changers in his road show.

But, Clark is right, these mega evangelical churches make the best venues. They already have the perfect set up, complete with big stages, built in elaborate sound systems, studio/theater lights, plenty of seating, why these are auditoriums finer than any convention center can offer. And since both the mega churches and Clark have 501c3’s it makes for great profits, as people and businesses like Clark’s can write off the event on their taxes and that makes a great incentive to participate while it helps the not for profits. 

People can come and buy merchandise from the Clark roadies like shirts, bottles, bags, jewelry, all manner of goods.

This just kinda stands out based on Mark Taylor’s latest prophecy ( PDF of the Prophetic Word from Mark Taylor: judgment-begun.pdf (sordrescue.com) ) and the Bible itself. The dramatic scenes where Jesus drives the money changers out of His Fathers house.

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John 2:14 – 17: 14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: 15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables; 16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise. 17And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.

Mark Taylor was sickened by all that has been taking place by the 501c3 churches who make money off of the word of God. He pointed out that Jesus gave his life for all of us for free and he did not put a price tag on that, nor did he tell us to go and set up big churches and organize them with Rome to do their dictates to avoid paying taxes and make big money on them in return. Mark says these are drunk on the wine of the whore of Babylon.


I’m sure Jesus rode into the temple, lowly on a donkey…as an example of humility and grace for a reason. And I’m sure when he saw the merchandising he was angry as all get out. Imagine being the guy collecting money for the Temple show and Jesus knocking over all your organized coin collecting, or master card machine or whatever method you use to collect money in the merchandising section.

I heard Clay say they had to follow the church rules in the contracts to lease these things for a hundred K…and they all varied in the rules. Yet, merchandising was allowed in every one of them. I guess that’s because God knows they need to make lots of money to keep doing what they are all doing. Their works.  Their great works. Now you can’t blame Clay for what the church does, and you can’t blame the church for what the great Mr. Clark does. You can only take responsibility for what you do. We each have free will to think, feel and choose.

That’s all I have to say for now on that.  Oh, one more thing.

I found this on Twitter. It made me curious so I went to see if it was a lie or true. Low and behold… it sure looked like it was misleading…or was it just “ALMOST MISLEADING?”

A person tweeted, “The legal term “commercial misappropriation” comes to mind when one announces Trump is going to your event in an attempt to sell tickets while exploiting our border crisis. Using someone’s name without their knowledge or permission for profit is illegal so I see why it’s just a hopium. I also believe that is another example of being a grifter and deceptive of the general public. Did they not say 45 himself on their Eventbrite? Why yes they did.”

This tweet got me curious, so I went to look to see what the person was talking about…and this is what I found.

image 7

I call it an almost…but definitely a ticket pusher. I mean, I can send out a birthday party invitation, and let you know I invited President Trump and he might be attending, and you don’t want to miss that. And if I sent an invite, I am telling everyone the truth, so? It’s your call.

image 8

Well, that has come and gone and we know President Trump never joined them and he never even said a peep about any of them. Why is that?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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