$27 Dollar Donations Or Clinton Cash – Who Really Paid For Bernie's Summer House?

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It appears very obvious that Bernie Sanders was a Clinton operative all along. Knowing what we now know we can see that Hillary was unable to physically campaign. What if to get around this dilemma Bernie was paid off to campaign and rally the millennials for the DNC with the end goal being to hand them over to Hillary after the rigged elections?
This would explain why from the very start at the first debate Bernie  shouted he was tired of hearing about the emails. It would explain why throughout his campaign he never fought back against the election fraud as he conceded without a fight or any recount.
Remember, before the roll call vote WikiLeaks had exposed the election fraud emails. Bernie had an opportunity to expose the foul play at the convention and rally his justice, but instead he ignored the WikiLeak email evidence  and told his supporters to vote Hillary. 
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The Bernie voters were duped by the entire machine.  They all walked out of the DNC convention arena in a peaceful, yet, angry demonstration of protest. While social media was going viral blasting all the dismayed, shocked and wandering Bernie voters outside the DNC convention,  mainstream media was busy touting what a wonderful convention and historic moment for Hillary taking place inside the DNC Halls of Shame.
Thousands of female Bernie voters had names for the so-called defender of women named Hillary and those curse names can not be typed here.  They were very strong language.  Definitely not what you would aim at a pro-woman advocate.  They were what you would aim at a tyrant and woman hater.
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Meanwhile, Bernie ignored his supporters and supported the entire DNC convention in shame.  A few weeks later Bernie makes himself feel better by buying a $600,000 dollar summer home?  Even main stream media is talking about that one and all the $27 dollar donations that built it.  I say it sounds more like Clinton cash.  But then, what do I know?

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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