RESET EU, UN, NATO is Losing On All Fronts

The propaganda news now called FAKE NEWS isn’t reporting the real crisis RESET is facing which is – their puppets have lost control! Why and who posted this for Joey Avatar Biden on his Twitter page? Cold hard fact… The greater good of the Khazarian Collective who are hell bound…. is a runaway train. Sad…Continue readingRESET EU, UN, NATO is Losing On All Fronts

Trump Calls A.G. Leticia James a “Raging Maniac”!

TRUMP READIES HIS 5-D CHESS… “There’s no better example of the left’s targeting political opponents than the baseless and depraved lawsuit against me, my family, my company by the racist attorney general of New York state, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James,” said President Trump!  Trump railed at Peekaboo James for her out of control crazy actions. He named…Continue readingTrump Calls A.G. Leticia James a “Raging Maniac”!

CRAZY SHOUTS to Bar Trump and Bomb Putin…

Leticia James shouts BAR HIM (President Trump and his children) end their corporations…while Zelensky shouts BOMB HIM (PUTIN and all his ethnics)end Mother Russia! What could possibly go wrong? So while the people in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are voting to leave Ukraine and woes of nuclear war is sounding because a rattled puppet…Continue readingCRAZY SHOUTS to Bar Trump and Bomb Putin…

Zelensky Demands Punishment!

Putin’s Ready To Give It To Him! Zelensky needs removed for the sake of his people and all the surrounding border nations. He, along with the Western NATO puppets are lying through their teeth about what is taking place in Ukraine, forgetting that the world and a many honest reporters on the scene have called…Continue readingZelensky Demands Punishment!

Is CERN The Modern Day Tower of Babel?

What type of science have they really set out to do? CERN was formed in 1951, when a handful of visionary scientists envisioned the creation of a European laboratory for atomic physics. At the same time… we had many paperclipped German scientists at the worlds disposal. In December 1951, at a UNESCO intergovernmental meeting in…Continue readingIs CERN The Modern Day Tower of Babel?

Paper For Silver, A Crown For Gold…

Self Appointed Pomp, No Honor, No Glory, But There Is An End To This Story! Ode To The Evil… Where are our founding father statements? Where have those all gone? Off to a British fire dancing with the crown? A Jester’s hat is worn and the RmL sits upon the highest seat in the land…Continue readingPaper For Silver, A Crown For Gold…

Russia’s War of The Puppets…

What part of Putin’s statement did Joey Avatar and the EU “ids” not understand? Putin stated, “We cannot, we have no moral right to give people close to us to be torn to pieces by the executioner. We cannot fail to respond to their sincere desire to determine their own destiny.” And it seems Putin…Continue readingRussia’s War of The Puppets…

Putin Destroys RESET Plans!

“Our world is in peril and perilized,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres UN’s dire warning to world leaders: “This crisis threatens the future of humanity.” On Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres painted a dark picture of the world in comments to world leaders gathering for the General Assembly. He appeared to be telling the hard facts…Continue readingPutin Destroys RESET Plans!


Zaporizhia region will be Russia Federation and any acts against it will be an act of war against Russia!! ‘I’m not bluffing on nuclear weapons’, says Putin as 300,000 reservists called up to army! The Zaporozhye region completely breaks off relations with Ukraine as its integral part and will never be identified with it again,…Continue readingNUKES ON THE TABLE FROM RUSSIA!


We know the game… so do we go around pulling on peoples faces to see if they are real? Or do we have another plan? They have infiltrated into government seats by invasion and what I call “RmL disorder”!  That is the scientific term for those wearing rubber masks that have lines and cracks and…Continue readingEXPOSED… NOW WHAT?