Biden Gets Told He’s Not Driving!

Joey’s not even allowed to open the driver’s door and he has no mobility to lunge at anything! He won’t be grabbing any wheel! Now that was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. This is why they don’t let Joey wander off from the rest of the group by himself without a…Continue readingBiden Gets Told He’s Not Driving!

Hey Trump, What’s Coming Next?

It’s Season 3, Episode….667…. and just like a soap opera… the saga continues and we pick up where we left off last. Even though we missed a lot, everything is still the same. It’s not just the Democrats…it is the RINOs, the Bankers, the Wallstreet Crooks, and the Oligarchs… the ones who put their hands…Continue readingHey Trump, What’s Coming Next?


JUST HOW GULLIBLE ARE YOU? Do you believe everything you see because they showed you a photo of it… especially if it is from someone like Musk and he said, Here I am doing such and such? Pictured here is Musk, the Pope and his four sons each from another mother. What people comment on…Continue readingHERE WE GO….!!!

The Propaganda War Rages On and On!

One day, those who ride out the Maelstrom will sit and tell their truths to future generations… We are way into the war… it started long ago…but for now we will look at the regimes that led to this point. The US regimes who never thought Hillary would lose. Propaganda of who is good and…Continue readingThe Propaganda War Rages On and On!

Finally Arrest Made At Supreme Court Illegal Protests!

The Capitol Police arrested Democrat Representative from California, Judy Chu along with 180 other people! It was about time to call out the illegal and treasonous actions of those doing their bold pro-abortion-rights protests at the Supreme Court and make some arrests. Allowing this only emboldened mass lawlessness toward any and every ruling of the…Continue readingFinally Arrest Made At Supreme Court Illegal Protests!

MEAT The Extreme Globalist Taboo!

The RESET KM are mad in both concepts of the word mad. They are merely following their orchestrated plans. Agenda 21, also known as sustainable development. They started out with the idea to tax meat to battle climate change… with the sly twist evolving into “heck – give them flesh to eat if they desire…Continue readingMEAT The Extreme Globalist Taboo!

The TRUTH Will Set You Free… The Lies Can Drive You Crazy…

So call them all out! Every lie shall be revealed – shout out the truth and avoid falling for the lies at all cost! The wimp in the rubber mask is a complete shame. Someone must believe that by showing us a thousand stupid and lawless things we will not see what is true and…Continue readingThe TRUTH Will Set You Free… The Lies Can Drive You Crazy…