THE WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT RULING MEANS HE WON IN 2020! Will Wisconsin turn over the election to the actual winner who is President Donald J. Trump? There is no doubt that things are in motion….the collapse of the mule driven ballot box that Trump calls “corrupt, scandal-ridden Scam Boxes” has sent the Dems rolling and…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS

RESET, Russia, Biden, a Bear, and a Hunter…

Now Showing – Sneak Preview –Season 3 Episode 668! This season the Joe Show takes a radical spin and anything goes as the left Khazarian puppets throw the kitchen sink at conservatives who love America and want to make her great again. Here’s what some show critics are saying… Judge Jealine: “I thought I had…Continue readingRESET, Russia, Biden, a Bear, and a Hunter…

President Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

President Donald J Trump spoke to an energized MAGA audience – HUGE – LIVE from Las Vegas! As usual, Trump delivered a great speech loaded with facts, this time the focus was on his MAKE AMERICA FIRST POLICIES! Friday July 8, 2022. Listen to his great speech and his advice to go forward! GOD BLESS…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks In Las Vegas!

Japan Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated

Assassination – 67 year old Shinzo Abe was assassinated in broad daylight while giving a speech in the city of Nara, Japan at around 11:00 local time. He was in the process of making a campaign speech ahead of an election to be held on Sunday for the House of Councillors, which is the upper house…Continue readingJapan Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated


The Khazarian blueprint for their new world order is all a self fulfilling prophecy made by a man who channeled the underworld for his direction. His name was Albert Pike. From this blueprint, other wicked men have worked and plotted to bring about the visions by contriving and plotting all manner of evil to accomplish…Continue readingRESET SPOILER ALERT

Boris Johnson Resigns, But Twerking Is The News…

Who would believe all of the odd things taking place domestic and foreign at a time like this? When I first saw a jacked up video of Harris giving a mindless speech about stuff and a twerker in front of her, I scrolled past it thinking it was a sick photoshop and paid no attention…Continue readingBoris Johnson Resigns, But Twerking Is The News…

Councilman Caught Stealing Campaign Signs and Confesses!

While we have learned that government begins at home in our own towns and cities, voters are now getting more involved in what takes place in their own City Councils and school boards. They are aware of how important it is to have the right people representing them. There is no place in any town…Continue readingCouncilman Caught Stealing Campaign Signs and Confesses!

Georgia Guidestone Explosion…

WHICH PILLAR OF LANGUAGES FELL? The mysterious sound of an explosion was heard by many not to far from the guidestones when it took place, it was reported and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said an explosion is what damaged this interesting and controversial Georgia landmark.  SKYFOX flew over the scene and saw one of the pillars…Continue readingGeorgia Guidestone Explosion…

Humanity Is Taking A Stand!

They aren’t listening to the left wing nutty garble! They CAN’T BE BOUGHT for they choose FREEDOM! Just how dumbed down does a human have to be to even listen to this global Khazarian’s bull? Or just how greedy does a human have to be to take money to sponsor his ideology? Just how lonely…Continue readingHumanity Is Taking A Stand!

July 4, 2022 Marks The Show’s Climax – Trump Is Our President!

You can believe with no doubt that President Trump  invoked the executive order that he put in place in 2018 to deal with the stolen election! READ the EO: Does any rational human being think that DJT would just sit around and watch the steal on election night and go…”Wow they got me there,…Continue readingJuly 4, 2022 Marks The Show’s Climax – Trump Is Our President!