1973 Prophecy – The Vision by David Wilkerson

The vision given to David Wilkerson in 1973 is vividly present in 2022. It has been showing itself in our faces for a long time, and yet many could not see it. Even more astounding is that in 1973 it was a shock just to hear him say these things. Many thought these words were…Continue reading1973 Prophecy – The Vision by David Wilkerson

Klause Viva La France

IT KEEPS HAPPENING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. DOING THE SAME THING AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS! There is a lot to be said about those who are shouting….”Unless you fix the rigged system your votes won’t count!” But, alas, people call those people lots of names and none of them are patriotic or truthers.…Continue readingKlause Viva La France


HOW WILL THE WORLD REACT WHEN THE LITTLE BIRDIE STARTS TO TWEET WITHOUT CENSORSHIP? This is a big story… and the truth is inside the birdie… somewhere. Will the real story ever surface, or will we just buy into the Musk version of the Zuck and Jack show? One thing is sure, the social media…Continue readingTWEET, TWEET, TWEET….

President Trump In Ohio!

HE’S FIRED UP AND READY TO TAKE AMERICA FORWARD AND OUT OF THE HORRIBLE MESS BIDEN HAS MADE AND KEEPS ON CREATING! THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN AND TRUMP HAS NOT CONCEDED! Trump bashed Ohio’s past RINO Governor John Kasich, “this terrible governor that you had”, being glad for them he is gone. Recall Kasich and his…Continue readingPresident Trump In Ohio!

Are They Predicting or Planning Food Shortages?

MASSIVE FIRE DESTROYED A FOOD FACTORY IN CHICAGO, THIS WAS JUST ONE OF MANY FIRES ACROSS THE NATION! WHAT’S GOING ON? On April 21, 2022, a plane crashed into a General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia. How on earth did this happen? Under normal circumstances…meaning if there were not a chain of fires, explosions and…Continue readingAre They Predicting or Planning Food Shortages?

Your Enemy is Not in Russia. 

It is also not in the puppets; they can do nothing without their bosses! It is their Khazarian mafia bosses that put them and keep them in their positions. Trust me, they are not voted into positions…they are placed there. The enemy wants you to focus on the puppets so you think if you get…Continue readingYour Enemy is Not in Russia. 

Lawrence Sellin Speaks His Opinion on Snake Venom…

Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit put out an article on April 21, 2022 giving an opinion platform on the most recent controversial subject put out there by a man named Dr. Ardis and pushed on alternative media podcaster’s platforms and internet articles. Hoft titled the story: Lawrence Sellin: No COVID-19 is Not a Snake Venom…Continue readingLawrence Sellin Speaks His Opinion on Snake Venom…

Bible Literacy Versus The Holy Spirit

Speak not of the Inquisition, and forget the dark ages all together, and speak not of the Nicolaitans, which are the teachings the Lord does hate – blending the Word of God with man-made dictates and traditions, let alone adding the Pagan traditions with its gods and goddesses. Speak not how Constantine of Rome merged…Continue readingBible Literacy Versus The Holy Spirit

President Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

At The Heritage Annual Leadership Conference in Amelia Island, Florida, President Trump made the remark of how we can undo every executive order and every act the Biden Administration put in place and put back into place the Executive Orders he had in place immediately to turn this nation around. He noted this can be…Continue readingPresident Trump Speaks – Working To Save The Republic!

The Serpent Is The Deep State…

Now we see how the DEEP STATE HAS OPERATED FROM INSIDE, SECRETLY BY CONTROLLING THOSE IN POWER and WE THE PEOPLE were never allowed to see the truth. So, today…. the truth needs to be heard. Fear not for no one’s hand needs to be held, all hands need to be freed up to take…Continue readingThe Serpent Is The Deep State…