Trump and Putin Are Both Against RESET!

But Mike Flynn and Patrick Byrne want a Coalition Government which is another name for RESET! At the Klaus Schwab Davos Economic World Forum in 2020, President Trump told the nations what the intentions of the United States were and that was to be a strong, sovereign nation and not a part of any global…Continue readingTrump and Putin Are Both Against RESET!

The “SOTU” Is Upside Down!

You know there is something seriously wrong when the Go Brandon stands up and talks about Veterans who are gassed with bioweapons and can’t breathe and are choking on bio chemicals that kill them and the speaker of the house jumps up gleefully, grinning surgical scar line to surgical scar line excitedly, then fist bumps…Continue readingThe “SOTU” Is Upside Down!

A Wolf Shouts – I See A Bear!

FALSE LEADERSHIP IN A NUTSHELL…. And they who sit on high from their own deceits cry, a goat a goat!  He comes to horn you! And the sheep look up and say, yes a goat, a goat who comes to horn us.  A few sheep reason and they shout, the goat is always among us?…Continue readingA Wolf Shouts – I See A Bear!

Hold The Line – Putin Is Just Beginning!

It is looking a lot like Putin is Saving millions of lives and possibly billions! Those nasty biolabs have been dangerous and perhaps when we dig a bit deeper we just may find they never should have been built. Why did the U.S. need so many in Ukraine? In a Washington Post News Article Written…Continue readingHold The Line – Putin Is Just Beginning!

Will Putin Have Nothing and Be Happy?

Klaus Schwab – the author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ – and WEF President Borge Brende said they “deeply condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine” and “attacks and atrocities”. Sometimes all it takes is one post to clear up any fog in what you were thinking, and confirm everything you knew in your gut without having to look NO…Continue readingWill Putin Have Nothing and Be Happy?