World of Fear Update…

We’ve seen Ukraine troops attack their own people in real time and in false flag crisis acting. European papers won’t touch it, the deep state hides it and tell lies saying these are the Russians. Expose this. The Deep State is Pushing for their World War III at the cost of YOU…ALL OF YOU! And…Continue readingWorld of Fear Update…

And Now Meet Bill Barr, Again …

We keep saying nothing is as it appears, but how many of us knew there was so much that was hidden? And now, even though many suspected while even those as myself stood there and said, “We can all trust Barr.” Oh how even the critical thinkers can from time to time be blinded not…Continue readingAnd Now Meet Bill Barr, Again …

A World Awakes!

FEAR NOT FOR THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! When they have footage like this…you need to share it. This is all deep fake! This is how the deep state does their news. They make it all up and the poor suckers they are controlling believe every liar word of it! And when you look…Continue readingA World Awakes!

Ukraine Breaking News

UKRAINE PRESS RELEASE ABOUT JOE BIDEN – HE AND THE EVIL DEEP STATE ARE EXPOSED FOR THEIR SINS! When you read this press release, you will see how evil these people are, seeking only their own lusts and desires. Seeking government seats to fleece the people. Rob them all blind. How much money do these…Continue readingUkraine Breaking News

Tough Questions For Gen. Flynn

General Michael Flynn has put himself front and center with his recent letter announcing his stance on the Biden sanctions on Russia. In an article written by Jason Easley titled  “Mike Flynn Outs Himself As A Russian Asset While Blaming Biden For Ukraine Invasion”, he pushes Flynn into a category of enemy of the state…Continue readingTough Questions For Gen. Flynn

Puppet Leaders of The World…

…some are great deceivers, others are obvious! Just like the devil himself, these puppets can look at you and say the most convincing things. They can look sincere and yet, as they speak the stench of lies permeates outward to those who have the Holy Spirit. It comes as a gut feeling, an instinct not…Continue readingPuppet Leaders of The World…

The War, Many Do Not See!

Spiritual war, propaganda war, world war, bio war, science war, depopulation war, WAR TO ENSLAVE THE WORLD! Can you see it thriving? Growing and expanding? When you see the 16 year plan to destroy America and the world… will you believe it? When you see their own videos from their own speeches and world platform…Continue readingThe War, Many Do Not See!

“Revealing Ukraine”

We have seen Ukraine on Fire the riveting documentary that exposes the Obama Regime’s involvement in capitalizing a modern-day occupation of a nation, through a coup to control it and have the new colony govern itself under their coup advisors. Yes, that is what happened…or what the deep state tried to do. It just didn’t…Continue reading“Revealing Ukraine”

Get Ready For Nukes and Do What?

Since Joey is busy starting World War III, it would be good to know that the Emergency plans for what to do in a nuclear explosion have been updated to include to continue wearing your mask and six foot distancing! Oh you can’t make this stuff up. It is every person for themselves to prepare……Continue readingGet Ready For Nukes and Do What?


President Donald Trump gives the keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando today, Saturday, Feb 26, 2022. He spoke of the empty shelves in our stores and the radical left zealot being chosen to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. America and the great military have been humiliated…Continue readingTRUMP SPEAKS OUT AT CPAC!