The Plot Thickens…

The new question of the day.. “Why is Byrne now telling obvious lies about Sidney Powell?” Here is the drill, we have a guy who has a seedy past, and current situation of doing things that are not what one of discernment would say are good. Things are either good or bad, there is no…Continue readingThe Plot Thickens… Enjoy!

Thank you to JJ Smith for passing this BREAKING NEWS along….HERE IS THE FULL WIKILEAKS FILES OF EVERYTHING FROM EVERYONE FROM OBAMA, HILLARY TO MANY NAMES WE NEVER HEARD OF! Index of /file/ ( Have fun digging while it lasts…..dig, dig, dig…..! The first thing that came to mind was a soccer ball? Anyone else?…Continue Enjoy!

Deepstate Infiltration

Deep State covert agents continue to infiltrate, manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations! We saw and still see how it has been done to President Trump and now we are seeing how it continues in the Lin Wood versus Dave Handcock infiltrate, divide, and conquer fiasco that has now caused other roaches to scamper as the lights turn on.…Continue readingDeepstate Infiltration

The Republic Strikes Back?

THIS IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE AN ORGANIZED “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC” STING ON THE HORNETS NEST! Just look how fast Kyle gets a $110 million dollar defamation suit against LeBron James? One headline stated: Federal Magistrate Approves Kyle Rittenhouse’s $110 Million Defamation Suit Against LeBron James! Excerpt: When Kyle Rittenhouse said he…Continue readingThe Republic Strikes Back?

2022 Prophecy Kim Clement

Kim Clement 2022 PROPHECY [Shocking Last Prophetic Word Over America]. The is one of Prophet Kim Clement’s last prophecies released over America. A powerful prophetic word! We must be ONE Nation UNDER GOD indivisible…AMEN!! NO spirit of fear!! What if all of this new revealing and confusion is part of a bigger plan to flush…Continue reading2022 Prophecy Kim Clement