What Part Of War Is Friendly?

Sometimes the division within a house is that of “good versus beguile”. We are at war and now, as layers are removed we are seeing we are at war with people in the same red hat party…AKA, Conservative Inc. The RINO BUNCHES who support the cabal’s great merchant requests in return for pay gifts. What…Continue readingWhat Part Of War Is Friendly?

Shocking Moments & Pretzels

Stew hits the “TRUTH” nail on the head with “ACUTE PRECISION”! How many put their own pursuits on hold to bring the truth to those with ears to hear and eyes to see? And how many put their own pursuits first to make a buck off the peril? How many organized the blinded to utter…Continue readingShocking Moments & Pretzels

What’s In Your Vax?

Is it what Trump had? Trump said he took his vaccine. So if anyone wants to take Trump’s vaccine they can take it. He’s very proud of his vaccine and so is Governor DeSantis of Florida who made Trump’s vaccine available to everyone in his state. It was a big deal when Trump took his…Continue readingWhat’s In Your Vax?

Trump on Vaccine Mandates

Why Does Trump say what he says? That is the question many keep asking and have been asking for the past 6 years and some, have asked that question for decades. The latest statement, where Trump bragged that the COVID-19 vaccines were developed by his administration under Operation Warp Speed has many boggled. Trump called…Continue readingTrump on Vaccine Mandates

God Has All The Answers!

Behold the power of the Holy Spirit is in all who believe upon the Lord! The Lord shall show His people many things that were hidden, and many things that were not taught, but they are truths. Even in simple history, many things have been hidden… what we call prophetic are simple truths and testimonies…Continue readingGod Has All The Answers!

Yikes – The Truth Is Out!

A new study has proven….link between COVID Virus and 5G! Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health policy has focused on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus and its effects on human health while environmental factors have…Continue readingYikes – The Truth Is Out!


The game is on. It started in 2020 and continues to this day. I am recyling an article from Dec. 7, 2020. Just to remind you of the game and the rules. To begin the game,  you must choose your side. If you choose the red pill, you are MAGA, patriotic and awake and must…Continue readingWELCOME TO 2020 -RED PILL, BLUE PILL, 30 PIECES OF SILVER – CHOOSE

It’s A Sick Show…

Is this the part where we look and find no one is in charge to ask what to do and the people finally turn to God in droves? Or is this the part where people take matters into their own hands and hate their strange thinking neighbors? What is worse? Child and human trafficking, COVID-19…Continue readingIt’s A Sick Show…

The Show Must go…

On and On and On…. The show actually started when a man named Trump came down an escalator and ran against a baseball team…. And today, we can still see all the clowns, the schemes, the coups, and deep state puppets. Balloons are everywhere and all of the doubles are amazed to see all the…Continue readingThe Show Must go…

Who’s Telling The Truth?

Bearing false witness…. We have been watching the “false witness in your face show” with attacks on Trump, Wood, Flynn, Powell, and many others. We have heard the false witness accounts from the likes of Rhittenhouse, fake news, Handcock, Byrne, Pelosi, Schumer, you name it…there are many out there bearing it… floating through the air…Continue readingWho’s Telling The Truth?