So Donald J. Trump is at it again, telling the truth! He should know by now that the truth is so rare that few who hear it ever recognize it. Or at least that is how it appears on the surface…until you dig a bit deeper and see his style is indeed 5-D chess, or…Continue readingWHY THEY HATE TRUMP!

Big Bird & Toilet Ice Cream?

Big Bird and eating ice cream out of the toilet are one and the same! Will you do everything they tell you to? I sure hope common sense returns soon. Big Bird says get jabbed and while you’re at it, the internet has great recipes for toilet ice cream….kids love eating icecream from the toilet…Continue readingBig Bird & Toilet Ice Cream?

Trump Shares His Truth!

Let it be known – THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED BY a small oligarchy of tech titans and “mainstream” media corporations! The 45th President Donald J. Trump – has announced why he formed his new Trump Media & Technology Group. Many are aware of the success his group has had with…Continue readingTrump Shares His Truth!

There Is No Plan From Joe!

Why is Obama in Scotland talking about Climate change? Obama comments on international cooperation to end climate change at the COP26 international climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Obama mouths off in his arrogant shaming style as he boasts that his…ahem…Brandon’s …ahem Biden’s administration will, quote, “ultimately get its $555 billion climate package through Congress”, and…Continue readingThere Is No Plan From Joe!

Sidney Powell – Hold Fast!

Sidney Powell Update: What the Fake News is not telling you… Events are moving quickly as many people are pushing back legally on the horrible Biden vaccine mandate.   Sidney asks you to please share this news with others! Dear Patriots, “We are sharing news you may have missed over the weekend.  “It is understandable that…Continue readingSidney Powell – Hold Fast!

J6 Nonviolant Accused In DC Jail!

70 Defendents stuck in jail by Biden… this will not go unnoticed, nor gaslighted into “la la land of Sleepy Joe” and his “build back lawlessness even better” system. The backlash to this will be hard and swift. That is what is brewing in the eye of the storm. Wait for it. On November 4th,…Continue readingJ6 Nonviolant Accused In DC Jail!

I Saw It Therefore It’s True…

NOT IF IT’S A VIDEO BROADCAST! …. DISCERN ALL THINGS! Today, just because you saw a video does not mean it is true, nor does it mean it took place in real life, or real time. It just means…you saw a video that someone put out…now the next step is to detect if the video…Continue readingI Saw It Therefore It’s True…

Florida is ruining everything…

And just look at Trump in Mar-a-lago… he’s making Biden look bad on purpose. Yea, that’s what he’s doing. It’s all Trump’s fault that Biden looks dumb in his green screen administration and his little white house that now belongs to a bankrupt corporation. Geeze…. and Pelosi and McConnell are sick and tired of hearing…Continue readingFlorida is ruining everything…


Once again Billy Falcon nailed it with his new song – “Useless Eaters”, a mocking of the beastly new world disorder who have set out to depopulate the earth as part of their Agenda for the 21st Century – what they deem as sustainable development. The phrase was boldly used by Henry Kissinger and others…Continue readingGod Loves ‘USELESS EATERS’!

Stop Child Sacrificing!

FDA Panel Member On Children: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” Above meme, “Children are Fauci’s new Beagles.“-Sheila Tolley- We read in the Bible and see where the people sacrificed their children to Baal, and burned them on a hot fired up iron beast for blessings,…Continue readingStop Child Sacrificing!