Social Media, Walmart People And You?

WHAT IF SOCIAL MEDIA…WAS LIKE WALMART? How many would still use it? What would the Lord have us do? What needs to change Have you ever wondered who it was you were talking to on any social media post when it gets heated up? Now, I’m not talking about the happy thoughts exchanged back and…Continue readingSocial Media, Walmart People And You?


TRUMP REVEALED THE WAR ALL ALONG! HE SIMPLY CONFIRMED IT AT CPAC 2021! President Trump has been laughed at for loving the Red White and Blue, and especially for his proud public displays for caressing the American Flag out of love for those who fought and died for freedom. His love for God and country…Continue readingCALL IT WHAT IT IS – WAR ON TRUMP AND AMERICA


PRESIDENT TRUMP LEADS THE WAY AT CPAC IN DALLAS TEXAS! Lawmakers and top conservatives gather for the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, a three-day event in Dallas. President Trump speaks out at what it takes to save America! WATCH TRUMP LIVE NOW! The most important drop in the speech!!! President Donald J. Trump…Continue readingPRESIDENT TRUMP LIVE AT CPAC!


The “Wrap Up Smear” Magic Wand Is Broken! Trump knows who shot Ashli Babbitt! TODAY’S TRUMP STORM CONDITION…MILD TO MODERATE! Today on Fox News, President Donald Trump stated he has heard information that Ashli Babbitt, was NOT shot by a member of the U.S. Capitol Police while storming Congress, but was killed by the “head…Continue readingBOOM!

Good Morning!

REMEMBER TO SMILE AND LAUGH A LOT AND REMEMBER TRUMP WON! Wow…there is a new home COVID test and I had to share it with everyone. Dr. Carol M. Swain Tweeted it so it must be something we should all pay attention to. Then there is a good point made by this grand ma. She…Continue readingGood Morning!


In the midst of the battle in wicked evil days, God is always a light that shines and gives joy and peace to those who praise his name…Oh Lord God Thou Art Holy! So in the midst of COVID CHAOS and the SATANIC WW3, let us rejoice in the Name of the Lord our God!…Continue readingHOLD THE LINE and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Time For A Commercial

A BRIEF BREAK IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR REGULAR PROGRAMMING… we will return shortly to WWIII. As the show gets more intense and we head into the final part of the movie, AKA “The Grand Finale”, it’s time to load up on popcorn and perhaps while you’re at it, take the dog(s) out. It seemed…Continue readingTime For A Commercial


RESCUE ME IS A CRY TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST HUMAN AND CHILD TORTURE AND TRAFFICKING! Child abduction and trafficking is real and Biden Administration is building it back better, or trying illegally hard to do so. Lawlessness is off the charts and our children are attacked on all sides. Now the evil cabal is reaching…Continue readingRESCUE ME IS MORE THAN JUST A SONG!

Keep Pressing, The Truth Shall Set All of Us Free!

The truth is there, keep searching until you find it then expose it! In searching for the truth, it is not a matter of how many places you looked and found nothing, it is a matter of continuing to search. Some people happen to look in the right places last. Some look in the right…Continue readingKeep Pressing, The Truth Shall Set All of Us Free!

GET YOUR BUNGEE ON – And Build Your Immune System!

The best OFFENCE during COVID is to FEAR NOT, EAT HEALTHY, TAKE GOOD SUPPLEMENTS AND FLY ON A BUNGEE! ARE YOU READY TO GET IN SHAPE AND BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM? The best way to fight back against a world full of toxins and jabs is to fortify your own IMMUNE SYSTEM! It’s time to……Continue readingGET YOUR BUNGEE ON – And Build Your Immune System!