Time to Get Healthy – STOP THE COVID SCAM!

This one video says it all. Watch it and learn. This video exposes the history of Big Pharma and the truth of what a virus is and how ancients knew to heal themselves from sickness like colds caused from poisons/toxins! Pay attention and eat the foods to keep you healthy.

EXPOSE THE LIES AND BE FREE OF WHAT IS MAKING YOU SICK! It’s time to take our bodies back while we still can! Expose these people WHO LIE TO ALL OF US! Evil spirited people have set up the food supply to insure an unhealthy population and make money when you get sick! There are natural cures and therapies to help you get well when your immune system is over taxed. Tell science to shove all their theories….it is time to return to natural laws and real food, natural herbs and oils.



Just because Catturd is Awesome. If you haven’t heard about him or read his stuff…it’s good. Enjoy! For more of Catturd, he has books:
His parody book-The Adventures of Cowfart, literally- and his Sci-Fi novel – Rabbitskin – are available at: https://ilovecatturd.com/


Show me the way!


Juan said by 4-1-21 Trump Will Be In Office…

Time is running out… there is still time…but if not… Juan will lose his bet with his buddy. The rest of us…will keep on with the dual presidency…and hold the line. The next hours will be interesting. But, maybe it will be a few days or a few months later, eventually it will be done.

Something tells me we have been under two presidents all along. The real one and the fake virtual one. The clone one. With the military running interference. Everyone has their own take…their own ideas, and only one is real. Which one is it? We may never be told everything.



So try as they may, all the coup members who committed sedition have lost their voices, along with their sneering smiles and their walk has become very hobbled. Pelosi looks terrible… far different than the smart alec ripping the State of the Union Address, which apparently became a self curse…as that is the last one she’s seen since that day. The next thing to rip will be her seat!

For people who are fed up .. fear not…evil is not winning. They are all falling apart. Their high days are gone. Look at them. All of them. Look close. They are miserable and scared to death. They are even screeching at each other now. The facade has imploded and they are all the laughing stock of the world. While those who waited upon the Lord are mounting up with wings like eagles, they are slithering on their bellies, faces drawn taut with defeat, and a mouth full of dirt! No one buys their goods anymore…from the lies of NASA to the bloody hands of the CDC. These organizations are all but shut down. Tick Tock….

Did Pelosi have a stroke, or Bells Palsy from the vaccine? Or is she just self destructing from hate?



Patrick Byrne The Deep Rig Book – and Trump Will Be Back!

By PatrickByrne
Published March 11, 2021 

Rumble — Patrick Byrne The Deep Rig Book – Kill Chain – The Cyber War on America’s Elections 2020 HBO. In advance of the 2020 Presidential Election, Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections takes a deep dive into the weaknesses of today’s election technology, an issue that is little understood by the public or even lawmakers.

From directors Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels and Sarah Teale, the team behind HBO’s 2006 Emmy-nominated documentary Hacking Democracy, Kill Chain again follows Finnish hacker and cyber security expert Harri Hursti as he travels across the U.S. and around the world to show how our election systems remain unprotected, with very little accountability or transparency. Hursti’s eye-opening journey is supplemented by candid interviews with key figures in the election security community, as well as cyber experts and U.S. senators from both parties who are fighting to secure the integrity of the vote before November 2020.

As the film shows, individuals, foreign states and other bad actors can employ a myriad of techniques to gain access to voting systems at any stage – from voter registration databases to actual election results.

Through this lens, seemingly unrelated or uncoordinated security breaches of the recent past can be seen as part of a “kill chain” – a military doctrine to plot meticulous, long-game attacks, understanding that breaking down trust in voting results is the surest way to undermine democracy. As enlightening as it is disturbing, Kill Chain underscores the fragility of our election process and points to the clear solutions available to protect us against sabotage.

Byrne States It’s Possible Trump Will Be Back In Office in a matter of time!

In an article released by CD Media, yesterday, when asked if the comments by Mike Lindell were valid, that President Trump will be back in office by August, Byrne said, “Well, that’s Lindell being Lindell. However, this information is so earth-shattering, that yes, it is possible Trump could be back in The White House by the Fall.

“We will reveal the truth. The remedy is up to the American people.” Read full article here: Byrne: America Will Know The Truth Within Two Months…It’s Possible Trump Could Be Back In Office – CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)




Our skys got a reprieve from the constant spraying as of July 4, 2019 when Trump announced we now “own the skys”. Yet, there was still a few white stripes blowing around. But in my area the mesh screen patterns stopped.

So now, along with the Biden Truman Show, we are watching a few dumps again. Even under the Trump administration we watched as Black Hats did some big Dew, Dew in California burning trees inside out, and strategically targeting neighborhoods to what appeared to be, a clearing out of all that was in the way of their high speed rail system they wanted. Or maybe it was just a part of the Wilderness Act in their Agenda 21, more commonly known as sustainable development for the 21st Century.

Suomi NPP image of Dorian

And does anyone remember Hurricane Dorian where we watched it sit over the Bahamas and destroy China’s new military port and other projects?  China had built a port on a remote island in The Bahamas 180 miles off the U.S. coast, that aroused suspicions as to China’s potential military ambitions in the area. At the time of Dorian, the port was allegedly empty, unused, and surrounded by barbed wire. When Dorian moved away after days, it was all gone. All the while the press made fun of Trump as he held up his charts tracking it all. Then, it dispersed and came up the coast as tropical storms.

Trump Shows Altered Map of Hurricane Dorian's Path : NPR

That was a huge GEO Engineering Silent War, and most didn’t see it at all. Or maybe it was just divine intervention…I’m sure it was a combination of White Hats with God at the helm.

As we continue on in this silent war, we must always look at what they are really doing and not what they tell us they are and are not doing. It is well known that we have all been deceived and those who asked questions have been banned, censored, and some have even been killed for calling out the truth.

Every time a group gets angry and provokes mob mentality to attack someone with a bold idea, the angry bots come out in full force in lockstep with the fake news and those conducting the deceit behind the scenes. This is a huge red flag that what they are saying is not the truth. Why on earth would anyone be threatened by ideas that are different than main stream news unless the ideas threatened an agenda being created, inflicted and pushed onto a sleeping section of what the cabal deems as useless eaters.

So, open your eyes to all things and look at what they have patents on, along with international laws governing how to use such patents. For decades they denied such weapons existed and called those who questioned it conspiracy nuts wearing tin foil hats. Today they brag about its’ abilities.




Fox News host Jesse Watters has finally stated what a lot of us were saying and that is that this unidentifiable reality we are in is like watching the Truman Show! Everything about 2020 was surreal, and it ended with the biggest election fraud ever revealed in the Western Truman Show World.

How 'The Truman Show' Predicted the Future

The show continued on into 2021 complete with bent reality and lousy acting and the swearing in of a fake president, moving right along to watching him sign a stack of executive orders that created border crisis and the beginnings of WWIII, which we are already in with the invisible enemy. Did I mention the preplanned Capitol seige by paid actors to blame all the fake chaos on conservatives who happen to live inside the Truman Show?

We have White Hats and Black Hats, a failed corporation, a take down of the virtual Vatican, and the Queen banned from her Castle. We have COVID VACCINES for Truman Villagers and watch as Birx and Fauci now back track and try to tell the world that all of the gaslighting we were sucking in did not take place. They now in their gravel ridden voices swear to the world the lockdowns were all Trump’s fault and lots of bla, bla, bla as they now go on fake news to fill the void with fresh gaslighting misinformation, to blame him for their extreme evil on all of humanity.

Good heavens, this is revving up and in our face while we have the real heroes off on their heroe journey outside the bubble (the part of the Truman Show we aren’t able to see until the grand finale). The world watches as we head right into the eye of the virtual reality show. So, yes, Jesse Watters was spot on when he said that the Biden “presidency” is like watching that movie “The Truman Show.”

Hang in there, remember at the end of the Truman Show, the facade ends and Truman wins!




PRESIDENT TRUMP INTERVIEW GETS BANNED FROM FACEBOOK, so we put it here for you to see! President Trump talks about how he will be holding a rally soon, very soon! When Laura asks if there is hope that he will be running again in 2024 he said THERE IS HOPE, LOTS OF HOPE. We will see if we have to wait that long, something tells me we won’t.

Trump jabs social media sites and how boring Twitter and some sites have become without him. I have to say he is 100% correct on that one!

Trump predicted that during the summer we are going to see things we’ve never seen before.


The message from the social media platform stressed that “content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed. The guidance applies to all campaign accounts and pages, including Team Trump, other campaign messaging vehicles on our platforms and former surrogates.”

Does anyone still think we can vote this mess out? I have a feeling President Trump is about to start rattling a few cages, and not just those behind the scenes.

The Joe show is in the tank.



After all the lame attempts at mindwashing viewer audiences, here comes fake news puppet Don Lemon yapping away to people purposely twisting the Bible to make it about race. Good grief the left is so desperate to finish the brainwashing and get people to be fearful instead of full of faith that they are now pushing lies faster than the devil about the Holy Word of God.

It appears that since their lockdowns drew people closer to the Lord instead of into a full blown civil unrest, the evil ones are now sending their pawns out to attack the morals and values found in the Bible. They hate the fact that all the evil they’ve thrown at God fearing people has resulted in making them stronger instead of turning them into fearful, mindless peeps.

The sour Lemon is trying his best to paint the picture of God as one on the side to fight for lawlessness. Lemon has boldly twisted the scriptures into a pretzel to fit his lifestyle and to justify it. He stated on air his opinion that JESUS WAS IMPERFECT! The writing is now on the wall and he is about to have a huge surprise. Wait and see, God is not mocked and heard every word.

No one cares what Don Lemon is doing with his personal life. No one is saying anything about Lemon or his personal life that I have seen, or heard, except his own tribe of Democrats. Which leaves the obvious and that is their puppet masters are paying them to push this new agenda where Christians are racist based on their beliefs. Or some odd thing that resembles that. This will lead to banning the word of God. Re-educating Christians/Conservatives like they said they wanted to do. That’s how this stuff works.

Hold the line and don’t fall into their traps! Hold firm on God’s Word and stand strong!


Kayleigh McEnany Named as new Co-Host of hit Fox News Show

Kayleigh McEnany – the 'acceptable' face of Trumpism who infuriates  liberals | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has now been named as a new co-host on the hit Fox News show ‘Outnumbered.

“I am thrilled to join the incredible women of ‘Outnumbered’ and look forward to working alongside the talented Harris Faulkner and Emily Compagno as we discuss the top issues impacting the country,” McEnany said.

McEnany’s tenure on the show will begin on April 6th, and she will be appearing alongside longtime Fox anchor Harris Faulkner and co-host Emily Compagno.



Is Kayleigh McEnany an Emotionally Intelligent Leader?
Now this was some great news!!

Things are looking better each day!