Melania Trump Makes History, November 21, 2020- White House Rose Garden…

On November 21, 2020, Melania Trump made history by adding a sculpture to the White House Rose Garden. The scupture was by a Japanese-American Artist, Isamu Noguchi — it was the first piece of art created by an Asian American to be added to the residence. The title of the piece is “Floor Frame”.

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What is a Floor Frame and what does this art represent?

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The bronze sculpture was made in 1962 and gives the illusion of a cube-like frame dipping just below the surface of whatever it rests on. According to the White House press release, Noguchi viewed “Floor Frame” as “the intersection of a tree and the ground, taking on the qualities of both an implied root system and the canopy of a tree.” He hoped that by placing the sculpture directly on the ground, viewers would be more connected to the planet they call home.

A floor frame must be present prior to new pieces being placed. Just like a wall, it can be upgraded to the various tiers of buildings (wood, stone, etc). It may be placed anywhere you can put a floor.  The strategic placement outside the oval office under a tree was a strong message. I believe it was the revealing of the signs of enslavement via the artist himself, whose background as noble as Noguchi, has a deep history in the United States. Noguchi voluntarily entered a Japanese-American internment camp in Arizona during World War II to help humanize the camps. It seems to signal the calling to rebuild and restore the UNITED STATES, INC., back to the Republic of The United States governed of the people, by the people.

Noguchi’s work at the White House, however, points to an unseen depth, a rooted system beneath the surface. The meaning becomes more apparent when you look at what the framers of the Declaration of Independence held at heart, and the theft of the sovereignty of the nation in 1871, that mimics the theft of the presidency the world has witnessed in the 2020 election and the deep state manipulation machine called Dominion. 

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A floor frame must be present prior to new pieces being placed. Just like a wall, it can be upgraded to the various tiers of buildings (wood, stone, etc). It may be placed anywhere you can put a floor.  The strategic placement outside the oval office under a tree was a strong message. I believe it was the revealing of the signs of “We The People” to rebuild and restore the UNITED STATES, INC., back to the Republic of The United States governed of the people, by the people and become what it intended to be from its’ inception and that is a free sovereign nation.

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Melanie Trump seen, at the Historic Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on September, 21, 2020. On a concrete foundation, under a tree.

In the White House press release at the time of the dedication, Melania Trump stated,

“Noguchi, who was born in Los Angeles and died in 1988 at the age of 84, viewed Floor Frame “as the intersection of a tree and the ground, taking on the qualities of both an implied root system and the canopy of a tree.

“In order to reconnect viewers to the planet, he envisioned the sculpture placed directly on the ground. The sculpture placement on the terrace in the Rose Garden allows visitors to happen upon it, giving it a found quality. While powerful in its own right, Floor Frame is humble in scale, and compliments the authority of the Oval Office.

“This sculpture not only showcases diversity within our Nation’s finest art but it also highlights the beautiful contributions of Asian American artists to the landscape of our country,”  Melania Trump.

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The unveiling of Floor Frame came at a moment in history in which the current president, Donald Trump, still in the White House, never conceded the election to  Joe Biden. Whereas in a fair election, without theft, a smooth transition of power to the incoming president would have taken place, instead, there is confusion, and turmoil involving both domestic and foreign election interference. What most believe we are now witnessing is a modern day revolution to restore the sovereignty of the United States of America and place its governing power back into the hands of We The People.

The floor frame is representative of a new foundation upon what to build the America the original framers of the constitution envisioned. Restoring the people back to the natural law of God, and nature’s God.  Note the tree. Its’ roots and the branches. Biblical significance.

There was a huge message given here, and most failed to even notice the message, let alone the presentation of the Noguchi Floor Frame addition to the Rose Garden.

Those that did notice it, mostly wondered at the strange art and shrugged their shoulders. Once again, by not questioning all things, another signal to the people from the administration went over our heads. I have to admit, at the time on November 21, 2020, it slipped past me as well, for I was busy following the “Kraken” at that point.

But now, in going back looking at all things again, I found this very revealing. Especially since the media all but ignored it, those that reported it focused on the artist and the sins of WWII.

melania trump makes history november 21 2020 white house rose garden


Since most floor frames are made of wood, I will go over how to make a floor frame based on wood construction. The principles would be the same using any material, only the building process would differ

Planning Your Project

  1. Research the building codes for your area. (laws)
  2. Draw up a basic floor framing plan.(have a strategy before you begin)
  3. Label the dimensions of your floor framing plan. (map out your plan, make sure all things will fit perfectly.)
  4. Add up each part of the framing plan to calculate your materials. (Make sure you have everything you will need to complete your door frame before you begin.)
  5. Cut your boards to size. (Make sure all your pieces are there ready to go once you begin to build.)

Assembling the Frame

  1. Put the sill plate in place. (the sill plate will be in direct contact with the concrete foundation, note on Nov. 21, 2021 the Floor Frame was placed on concrete under the tree.) Was the sill plate put in place? A sill plate is the first part that you put down in order to begin building. Was something signed on this day?)
  2. Fasten the sill plate to the concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
  3. Set and fasten the rim joists. (What got fastened?)
  4. Mark the position of each floor joist along the sill plate. (joists are used to support the floor),
  5. Set the floor joists.(nailing the joists to the seal plat and rim.What got nailed? What was secured?)
  6. Add bridging between the joists if they’re longer than 9 feet (2.7 m). (a process of stablizing what you are building. Bridging cuts down on the flexion of the boards, reducing the stress put on it and extending its lifespan.)
  7. Install the subfloor. (Nail and glue it working in small sections until the entire floor is covered. When you’re done, your floor will be framed and ready for the next phase of construction.)

Are we in the next phase of construction? Are we about to enter it or have we already?

One larger beam diving into the ground and jutting out at an angle, while a smaller piece seemingly rises up again. A foundation lay broken in bronze, yet one small piece rises up again! Be part of the remnant of that ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

good morning
See the source image

God Bless and keep the faith. Did you know that Tomorrow is National Freedom Day?

Dianne Marshall

UPDATE Feb. 1, 2021: A comment from a post in the comment section under name of “S. Says:”, gave way to a great insight. I am posting it here also so others can see it easily. This is their research and insight on the significance of the art:

Here a few things that I found that may or may not be related to the installation of this sculpture, as well as the past and current events related to the stolen election:

1) The Noguchi sculpture was actually cast in 1963 (but planned/designed in 1962). 1963 of course is an infamous year in American history (JFK). The fact that the year 1962 is emphasized, and 1963 is not, is an indication to me that this (the year 1963) is a intentionally hidden, but important clue.

2) Trump and JFK Jr. were good friends.

3) JFK Jr.’s plane crash likely was not an accident.

4) Somewhere else on the vast internet I read that the 17th letter movement was established at least four decades ago. Which makes sense – planning to eradicate a corrupt government cannot be done in just a few years. Considering my next point, it might even have started at least sixty years ago.

5) JFK’s tomb is in the shape of – which letter?! Go check it out.

6) Trump was in military school from age 13 to 18, and excelled with leadership qualities, as well as academically. (Check out Peter Ticktin’s book “What makes Trump tick”).

7) The meaning of the individual kanji characters of Isamu Noguchi’s name are:

– 野 [no] plains; field; rustic; civilian life
– 口 [kuchi] mouth
– 勇 [isamu] courage; cheer up; be in high spirits; bravery; heroism

The artist’s first name means courage/heroism?! That cannot be a coincidence!

Add to this the rampant rumours about the military having a leading part in the current events, I would hypothesize that the installation of this sculpure is some form of energetic “lock-in” to counteract an evil agenda, as well as a multilayer message to those who know how to read hidden signs.

president trump speaks out


Trump signs executive order targeting Twitter after fact-checking row - BBC  News

IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE EXECUTIVE ORDER ON ELECTION INTERFERENCE ALL THE WAY THROUGH it is time to do so now! Hopefully, the executive order is being carried out by the proper emergency channels as it was written.

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.

After that, there is another 45 days allowed for the writing and delivery of said report. That is why A.G. Barr had not seen anything prior to his leaving the Trump Administration. It had not been delivered to his department as of that date. It has been in the hands of other agencies. The corporation says there is no excuse for ignorance of the law, but come on guys… you can throw us all a bone once in a while? At least, being in the dark has allowed us to dig and we are all catching up on all the areas we were not savvy in knowing, nor privliged to be told. It’s all part of being a piece of property of the corporation. I mean who goes around explaining to their property what they are doing? Do you talk to your car? Your dishes? I guess we are slowly catching up and quickly catching on.

Trump impeached second time by House for 'incitement' of Capitol riot

ENTER PELOSI, ET AL – This explains the shout to use article 25, and when that failed, the shouts to impeach- IMPEACH right away. It explains the full scale blast at censoring to the point of taking down entire web platforms like Parler. It explains all of the insane ramblings and desperate actions which were all shouts from of a sinking corporation clawing at everything inside the capitol walls to save their cabal.

He might be the most photographed man on Wall Street - CNN Video

ENTER WALLSTREET – Moving money as fast as they can – Hedge Fund managers desperately tried to short sale as much as they could before interrupted. It appears they were trying to save their assets before they were seized. The same assets that now look like they are about to be frozen, in compliance with President Trump’s Executive Order #13848.

President Trump signed the executive order #13848 on foreign interference in September 2018. The order explains the details of the process and the time frames involved with imposing sanctions.

image 192

ENTER DAVID NINO RODRIGUEZ – According to David Nino Rodriguez on Instagram: “Get ready folks, it’s about to get real and fast! This is all a trap and it’s genius. Check out…

Key Points:

  • Once voter fraud is committed an investigation begins. Within 45 days the investigators must prove voter fraud has taken place.
  • After the 45 days there is another 45 days allowed for the writing and delivery of the report.
  • Once report is delivered, assets are frozen.
  • This takes us to the executive order regarding the freezing of assets. Which should begin February 1st.
  • Assets are frozen for 30 days while investigations directly related to continue.
  • The entire process takes 90 days from the day assets are frozen. Which may begin February 1, 2021.

Anyone involved in this in any way will have all their assets frozen.

 February 1, 2021 is when all of this will begin to play itself out. Even people who conspired or covered it up.

30 days of freezing assets take us to March. They see what is coming and they know they are screwed. All the money involved in this is going down.

So, once again as we move through the fall of the corporate empire that has enslaved the Republic of the United States of America…We The People need to stand firmly and brace ourselves. Be patient and wait upon the Lord in case there is a shaking of the olive tree. Stay inside and hide yourself for a little while until the scourge passes over. FEBRUARY IS ABOUT TO ROCK BACK AND FORTH.

Donald Trump's executive order will benefit him tremendously if this course  continues: Strategist - YouTube

Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

September 12, 2018

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code,

I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, find that the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election, foreign powers have historically sought to exploit America’s free and open political system. In recent years, the proliferation of digital devices and internet-based communications has created significant vulnerabilities and magnified the scope and intensity of the threat of foreign interference, as illustrated in the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment. I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.

Accordingly, I hereby order:

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election. The assessment shall identify, to the maximum extent ascertainable, the nature of any foreign interference and any methods employed to execute it, the persons involved, and the foreign government or governments that authorized, directed, sponsored, or supported it. The Director of National Intelligence shall deliver this assessment and appropriate supporting information to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

(b) Within 45 days of receiving the assessment and information described in section 1(a) of this order, the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies and, as appropriate, State and local officials, shall deliver to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Secretary of Defense a report evaluating, with respect to the United States election that is the subject of the assessment described in section 1(a):

(i) the extent to which any foreign interference that targeted election infrastructure materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, the tabulation of votes, or the timely transmission of election results; and

(ii) if any foreign interference involved activities targeting the infrastructure of, or pertaining to, a political organization, campaign, or candidate, the extent to which such activities materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, including by unauthorized access to, disclosure or threatened disclosure of, or alteration or falsification of, information or data.

The report shall identify any material issues of fact with respect to these matters that the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security are unable to evaluate or reach agreement on at the time the report is submitted. The report shall also include updates and recommendations, when appropriate, regarding remedial actions to be taken by the United States Government, other than the sanctions described in sections 2 and 3 of this order.

(c) Heads of all relevant agencies shall transmit to the Director of National Intelligence any information relevant to the execution of the Director’s duties pursuant to this order, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law. If relevant information emerges after the submission of the report mandated by section 1(a) of this order, the Director, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate agencies, shall amend the report, as appropriate, and the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall amend the report required by section 1(b), as appropriate.

(d) Nothing in this order shall prevent the head of any agency or any other appropriate official from tendering to the President, at any time through an appropriate channel, any analysis, information, assessment, or evaluation of foreign interference in a United States election.

(e) If information indicating that foreign interference in a State, tribal, or local election within the United States has occurred is identified, it may be included, as appropriate, in the assessment mandated by section 1(a) of this order or in the report mandated by section 1(b) of this order, or submitted to the President in an independent report.

(f) Not later than 30 days following the date of this order, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence shall develop a framework for the process that will be used to carry out their respective responsibilities pursuant to this order. The framework, which may be classified in whole or in part, shall focus on ensuring that agencies fulfill their responsibilities pursuant to this order in a manner that maintains methodological consistency; protects law enforcement or other sensitive information and intelligence sources and methods; maintains an appropriate separation between intelligence functions and policy and legal judgments; ensures that efforts to protect electoral processes and institutions are insulated from political bias; and respects the principles of free speech and open debate.

Sec. 2. (a) All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security:

(i) to have directly or indirectly engaged in, sponsored, concealed, or otherwise been complicit in foreign interference in a United States election;

(ii) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, any activity described in subsection (a)(i) of this section or any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; or

(iii) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property or interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order. (b) Executive Order 13694 of April 1, 2015, as amended by Executive Order 13757 of December 28, 2016, remains in effect. This order is not intended to, and does not, serve to limit the Secretary of the Treasury’s discretion to exercise the authorities provided in Executive Order 13694. Where appropriate, the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of State, may exercise the authorities described in Executive Order 13694 or other authorities in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury’s exercise of authorities provided in this order.

(c) The prohibitions in subsection (a) of this section apply except to the extent provided by statutes, or in regulations, orders, directives, or licenses that may be issued pursuant to this order, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted prior to the date of this order.

Sec. 3. Following the transmission of the assessment mandated by section 1(a) and the report mandated by section 1(b):

(a) the Secretary of the Treasury shall review the assessment mandated by section 1(a) and the report mandated by section 1(b), and, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security, impose all appropriate sanctions pursuant to section 2(a) of this order and any appropriate sanctions described in section 2(b) of this order; and

(b) the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the heads of other appropriate agencies, shall jointly prepare a recommendation for the President as to whether additional sanctions against foreign persons may be appropriate in response to the identified foreign interference and in light of the evaluation in the report mandated by section 1(b) of this order, including, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, proposed sanctions with respect to the largest business entities licensed or domiciled in a country whose government authorized, directed, sponsored, or supported election interference, including at least one entity from each of the following sectors: financial services, defense, energy, technology, and transportation (or, if inapplicable to that country’s largest business entities, sectors of comparable strategic significance to that foreign government). The recommendation shall include an assessment of the effect of the recommended sanctions on the economic and national security interests of the United States and its allies. Any recommended sanctions shall be appropriately calibrated to the scope of the foreign interference identified, and may include one or more of the following with respect to each targeted foreign person:

(i) blocking and prohibiting all transactions in a person’s property and interests in property subject to United States jurisdiction;

(ii) export license restrictions under any statute or regulation that requires the prior review and approval of the United States Government as a condition for the export or re-export of goods or services;

(iii) prohibitions on United States financial institutions making loans or providing credit to a person;

(iv) restrictions on transactions in foreign exchange in which a person has any interest;

(v) prohibitions on transfers of credit or payments between financial institutions, or by, through, or to any financial institution, for the benefit of a person;

(vi) prohibitions on United States persons investing in or purchasing equity or debt of a person;

(vii) exclusion of a person’s alien corporate officers from the United States;

(viii) imposition on a person’s alien principal executive officers of any of the sanctions described in this section; or

(ix) any other measures authorized by law.

Sec. 4. I hereby determine that the making of donations of the type of articles specified in section 203(b)(2) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(2)) by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would seriously impair my ability to deal with the national emergency declared in this order, and I hereby prohibit such donations as provided by section 2 of this order.

Sec. 5. The prohibitions in section 2 of this order include the following:

(a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and

(b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

Sec. 6. I hereby find that the unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of such persons. Such persons shall be treated as persons covered by section 1 of Proclamation 8693 of July 24, 2011 (Suspension of Entry of Aliens Subject to United Nations Security Council Travel Bans and International Emergency Economic Powers Act Sanctions).

Sec. 7. (a) Any transaction that evades or avoids, has the purpose of evading or avoiding, causes a violation of, or attempts to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

(b) Any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order is prohibited.

Sec. 8. For the purposes of this order:

(a) the term “person” means an individual or entity;

(b) the term “entity” means a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, group, subgroup, or other organization;

(c) the term “United States person” means any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person (including a foreign person) in the United States;

(d) the term “election infrastructure” means information and communications technology and systems used by or on behalf of the Federal Government or a State or local government in managing the election process, including voter registration databases, voting machines, voting tabulation equipment, and equipment for the secure transmission of election results;

(e) the term “United States election” means any election for Federal office held on, or after, the date of this order;

(f) the term “foreign interference,” with respect to an election, includes any covert, fraudulent, deceptive, or unlawful actions or attempted actions of a foreign government, or of any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, undertaken with the purpose or

effect of influencing, undermining confidence in, or altering the result or reported result of, the election, or undermining public confidence in election processes or institutions;

(g) the term “foreign government” means any national, state, provincial, or other governing authority, any political party, or any official of any governing authority or political party, in each case of a country other than the United States;

(h) the term “covert,” with respect to an action or attempted action, means characterized by an intent or apparent intent that the role of a foreign government will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly; and

(i) the term “State” means the several States or any of the territories, dependencies, or possessions of the United States.

Sec. 9. For those persons whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order who might have a constitutional presence in the United States, I find that because of the ability to transfer funds or other assets instantaneously, prior notice to such persons of measures to be taken pursuant to this order would render those measures ineffectual. I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to section 2 of this order.

Sec. 10. Nothing in this order shall prohibit transactions for the conduct of the official business of the United States Government by employees, grantees, or contractors thereof.

Sec. 11. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to take such actions, including the promulgation of rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this order. The Secretary of the Treasury may re-delegate any of these functions to other officers within the Department of the Treasury consistent with applicable law. All agencies of the United States Government are hereby directed to take all appropriate measures within their authority to carry out the provisions of this order.

Sec. 12. The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of State, is hereby authorized to submit the recurring and final reports to the Congress on the national emergency declared in this order, consistent with section 401(c) of the NEA (50 U.S.C. 1641(c)) and section 204(c) of IEEPA (50 U.S.C. 1703(c)).

Sec. 13. This order shall be implemented consistent with 50 U.S.C. 1702(b)(1) and (3).

Sec. 14. (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or

(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


The White House,

September 12, 2018.

Stand strong, keep the faith, God is in control.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out


States have rights, Cities have rights, People have rights, how many know what they are?

COVID-19 PLANDEMIC  was a proving ground and a threshing floor. The cabal used it to crush the nations into submission with their chosen appointees leading the evil path to destruction. Corrupt rulers of nations were in league to RESET the world for their masters new global order where they rule everything and depopulate the earth of the nasty people who think they have God given liberty and freedom. Natural law was all but erased, at least from the minds of any people, including the USA, Inc. Most only understood common law and civil law. They had no idea of natural laws of God, nor the God of nature. That was a conspiracy told by those who had no idea what they were talking about. These people were crazy.

image 178

President trump told us what needed to be done, he showed us all along the way what the constitution said he could and could not do. He explained the state constitutions via the stolen elections…Rudy went to the state legislatures and exposed how corrupt they were in the states that went against the vote of the people. Who had eyes to see it? 

image 179

Patrick Byrnes, who was on cyber detail on his own dime, was appalled for he saw deception in Dominion, as we all did. He wrote an article that railed against Rudy for pushing his state legislation and showing dead people voting.

All had a purpose and the purpose was to open the eyes of the people to see the power is in their hands not in the hands of attorneys, politicians, and not even in the hands of a president.

Trump was shouting…look what they are doing to me and it is you they are really after. We cheered but how many understood the depth of trumps warning? Not many. For as soon as he left, it looked as though he was doing nothing to end the stolen election. The people felt he had the power to do so much for us all and didn’t follow through. This is when the hard testing began.

Many shouted, “Look he abandoned us! He could have called the insurrection act, why didn’t he do that? We were all duped. Woe is me.” (Yet, no one knew for certain whether he did or did not.)

image 180

The people attacked Lin Wood, for giving false promises and hyping up faith and showing this was 1776 all over again. Wood went through severe persecution and still is being persecuted but he has not given up his support, his efforts, nor his faith that America will win this battle.

Sidney Powell experienced the same. The people wanted to watch all the swamp get arrested in November, in December, and on January 6th. Each day growing more weary and moaning. Then again we waited to watch for arrests on January 20th. When that did not happen people threw in the towel and began denouncing once again.

Few understood that Trump was telling the people all along that the power was with them, not in him alone. His warning to a people waiting for someone to drain the swamp was in their hands as well as his. When he disappeared without telling anyone exactly what he was doing…people were outraged others said trust the plan. Others said what s the plan? Some yelled we are all doomed.

And then, there were others who said, keep the faith, it is in God’s hands and God’s timing. Many gave that a backlash, but the majority said – we are keeping the faith, amen.

Little by little peoples hopes were dashed against the rocks as the Biden regime continued and did not explode and no mass arrests were visual and Pelosi continued as speaker and Biden started writing his executive orders.

Biden's first week: flurry of executive orders and frustrations of  governing | Financial Times

Many were waiting for Trump to save us all, they failed to see freshmen reps standing up for their states on day one. The focus was on arrests, not the proccess. Freshmen representatives were busy going through the process of calling out the corruption like representatives who are serving their constituents are supposed to do. They did not succumb to the bully tactics of being told they are freshmen, shut up and do as you are told. Nor did they adhere to how things were done in the corrupt house of Pelosi. Instead they went against the storm and boldly denounced their lawlessness. We watched as they were drug throught the mire by the media, but they stayed the course. Sadly, the people were too hung up on waiting for President Trump to save them, that they failed to support Greene, and Boebert with encouragement, but that came later. Thank God they had faith that they could make a difference and did not give up early on, in the midst of the fire storm attacks against them.

image 181

We watched as horrible EO’s were written and rolled out. Still shouting…where’s Trump – why did he allow all of this?

Meanwhile, state governors and attorney generals pulled out their legislative powers and wrote stern letters of intent threatening to sue USA, Inc. for their lawless practices if they did not cease the madness. Those with eyes to see, were seeing that indeed therein lies the power. It was ours all along, while others scoffed…nothings gonna happen with that, it’s all a show.

Yet,we all watched as the congress sent home for an entire week. A week when there was so much for the new congress to do, yet, they closed for a week? Why? Therein lies some hidden power at work. Wait and see.

Trump was showing everyone that the power is with them, not the president. If We The People want their country back, they will have to stand up for it. We have a constitutional process that can work if we work it.

Without knowing how to exercise the rights of We The People, and without so doing, I ask you all, just what would happen to America if something happened to Trump like it did to JFK?

on an otherwise calm day

The Swamp would just continue to rule over the people and shred their constitutional rights. Trump was showing people their history. He was showing them how to stand up for their rights and take their constitution back. Fight back legally. The power is in the people not in one man. We The People, called by God’s name, chosen for such a time as this are the real heroes. Are you standing among God’s wheat? Or are you grumbling with the tares?

Now I ask you this, do you really believe that President Trump left D.C. without doing anything to counter the cabal and the stolen election? How many EO’s did he write even up to the last day in D.C.?

 How many still do not realize President Trump never conceded? How many looked at everything and studied the situation? How many still have not connected all of President Trump’s administrative actions and seen he has built an alliance of nations? How many still do not understand the importance of Secretary of State, Pompeo’s work with nation building? We are so used to wars that we don’t always see the signs of building alliances of sovereign nations. Those who are still, not yet seeing, have attacked this truth as nothing but bull crap.

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So while the President and his administration did their job, Trump kept telling the people to stand up for themselves. He stood in the gap and did his part and he also told the people they will ramrode all of you unless… stand up for yourselves. What a wake up call.

He showed us through an entire year of COVID that state constitutions had to be honored so he could not just order them what to do. After being told millions would die, he issued a two week shut down and left it up to the governors of each state whether to follow or not.  All the governors shut down non essential businesses and decided what was essential and what was not. All but one.

When things were looking abusive, President Trump told the people they had rights and to use them. They were to report abuses to A.G. Barr. Many people did, and he made a few visits, but things continued to escalate. What ever happened with Barr? We all watched in horror as some states went full blown NAZi control like New York, and Michigan; California; just to name a few. And the Mayors of big cities like Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot (now known as Mayor Beetlejuice).

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We watched as nursing homes were told to deal with it by Coumo in New York. CNN pushed his propaganda and Trump sent loads of supplies to the NAZI styled Governor, even building hospitals and sending Navy Hospital ships to both him, and to California’s governor Newsum. Never used any of it.

Today, Cuomo is underfire for all the nursing home deaths, with headlines reading they are double the already horrific numbers he reported.

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All the states shut down except one. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem kept her state open. They did just fine.

Meanwhile, We The People were confused. They did what they were told by their governors and kept the businesses closed and wore their masks and suffered. Many businesses closed permanently. Yet, South Dakota did fine and the people of that state did not suffer financial ruin. They were allowed to govern according to their people because that is what the constitution allows. Those with eyes to see understood the problem was with their own state governors and legislative body. It was with their own city Mayors and city council. Others blamed Trump for COVID and their state problems because that is the lie the media shouted. Few saw it was a governing issue that they had the power to change. They thought they were powerless. They had a constitution and a state constitution and they had the power to recall and remove ALL OF THEM if they united. But, they were governed by fear, new poverty, and poor health looming over them. Karens shouted wear your masks, isolate, you want to kill grandma and made any who had eyes to see the farce as an enemy. The division was successful by the RESET coup, the very same deep state swamp creatures behind the entire destruction of America from within. The ones propping up the new CEO of their precious corporation. Yet, together these same people held the power to overturn the corrupt, unconstitutional mandates.

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The lies and abuse continues in many states to this very day, along with the lies from the CDC, Gates, Fauci, Birx, led by traitor Pence, et al.

Imagine if we had all been awake how differently  things would have taken place? The scripture is so true, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

So what have we learned through 2020 up to this day?  Many have awakened and taken a stand. We are watching as many have stood up to support Gamestop, and My Pillow, taking a stand against the corporate cabal stock market games.  Using their own casino hedge fund against itself. Wall Street Games of shorting good companies to take them down are being intercepted by a savvy group of new traders playing the Wall Street games and exposing their corrupt manipulation. We watch on and learn how the corporate thieves use the markets to collapse competition and cash in, get bailed out and then buy back in. We now see the scams of the fiat dollar right in our faces. The games of the same cabal who own the central banks are furious that they are being exposed for the evil they do to manipulate markets and how easy their casino games have been to rob the working class of their IRA’s and how many times they have stuck it to them with their crafty thefts. 

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It is happening now. We are all watching as the bubble is about to burst. Soon, there will be no air to keep the FIAT scam floating. “We The People” took hold of  the power to play the game and undo the evil central bank schemes. The power is now in their hands to go back to a gold standard.

Hey Joe – It looks like people are learning new tech skills to make money just like you told’em too. Remember your stupid remark while you wrote the EO’s to end jobs? You were right, making money in high tech is so much easier than a 40 hour work week! 

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The people are waking up slowly and seeing they have the power to conceal and carry, they have the power to take their health care back, to refuse vaccines, to not allow big techs to censor their speech. They have the right to assemble peacefully and not be called a terrorist for doing so. They have the power to exercise the entire bill of rights and they have the power to succeed from the corporation that they did not sign on to. That action was treason, and now the people know it.

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The people are not a part of a foreign corporation and they do not have to abide by a foreign corporation and its’ rules. Statehood has the right to govern itself, by their legislation and laws. Their own supreme court. We the people must take back our right to govern and choose who we want to govern over us. We have the power to recall corrupt leaders and in so doing show them all that they are not our leaders but, actually, they are our chosen servants to serve us in a legal capacity to protect our constitution, and to guard our Bill of Rights; and to base laws on those principals designed to protect and to serve our best interests.

The focus needs to be on building our infrastructure, such as good roads, schools, clean water, providing good emergency and protective services such as police, firemen, etc., and not to figure out ways to line their pockets by serving corporate greed. We have the power to impose term limits. We have the power to question all things, and to hold our public servants accountable. We have the power to do the same with our sovereignty.  We have the right to decide where our capitol will be and to remove ourselves from a corrupt corporation that does not serve our sovereign nation. Keep the fence up around the ten mile radias of the foreign land sold without our permission, and dare not allow it into statehood.

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America is in the process of knowing who they are and taking back the power of We The People. The first step is uniting together as one people namely – WE THE PEOPLE!

Trust that while the people are waking up and taking back their powers granted in their constitution and Bill of Rights, President Trump and the Military have been fulfilling their promises and oaths to the people to preserve this nation and are fighting behind the scenes to defend her. We may not be privi to the strategies and the battles behind the scenes, but, those with eyes to see have seen the clues, the hints, and know it is all taking place. The world is shaking and the Cabal has lost its’ foothold.  The battle is between good and evil and God is on the side of Good. Cling to the Lord in these days of trial for they are here and there is only one way out, and that is through the hand of God. Do not desire to return to Pharaoh for the only thing left for you in Egypt is brutish enslavement. Watch the world for this is not about a presidential race. This is about ushering in a new kingdom and not the one Babylon the Great has planned. That old wretched Babylon is falling is falling. Come out of her my people, lest you suffer in her plagues!

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Remember with so much corruption, it takes the testing and threshing phase before a complacent people can move into the appreciation phase. For the Lord is calling to his people, called by his name to return to him. In so doing, in a little while  you shall all reap if you faint not. For the Lord has stepped out from his sure place and is shaking the earth to do a new work. A marvelous work. Prepare the way, for God is not mocked and he shall bless all nations who shout – thus saith the Lord. For these are the days of promises kept to those called, chosen and faithful.  Remember, in the end of all the shaking, Babylon the Great falls and God’s people win!  Keep the faith and pray for all who are suffering for the Kingdom to come, for it is coming and nothing can stop it. Hold fast to the  promises to a nation called by Gods  name. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out


If you need a recharge on your purpose, and a lifting of the spirit to help boost your faith today – this is a great video that discusses what is taking place, and the shaking we are watching, and what God has to say about it. It is refreshing, laid back and encouraging.

They cover the same things many are talking about and giving an answer on how to deal with the world shaking, and relating to the news knowing all things are in God’s hands and in a real down to earth way. Nothing high and mighty. Talking like you are having a personal conversation, nothing preaching, just REAL and much NEEDED!

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President Trump will lead the nation for a second term. God has annointed him to set up a new thing world wide.

God bless and keep the faith. We are going through a shaking and a testing of our faith in God. Stay strong and wait upon the Lord, he will not leave you nor forsake you. Amen.

Dianne Marshall


West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey laid it on the line in his letter of warning sent to the president on Wednesday: “If you sign unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, it will be our responsibility and duty to challenge those laws in court.”

Attorneys General from Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Texas signed a six-page letter. It said, “One week ago … you swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States … [but you] cannot cut constitutional corners or shirk statutory strictures without inevitably doing more harm to our country than good.”

Biden trashes Trump policies with 17 EOs on Day One - P.M. News

Bidens Executive Orders are being challenged by the States – they all threaten to sue if Biden continues down his unconstitutional path of tyranny against “We The People”!

The letter also stated, “Overreaching and defying Congress will not be rewarded or succeed. Our states have led the charge in successfully challenging unauthorized and unlawful executive actions, as you know from your years as Vice President. You can be assured that we will do so again, if necessary.”

It is not just Governors firing back, against the president’s executive orders, others such as Western Energy Alliance, a group representing fossil-fuel producers operating on federal lands. It just challenged the president’s ban on oil and gas leasing: “The law is clear. Presidents don’t have the authority to ban leasing on public lands. All Americans own the oil and natural gas beneath public lands, and Congress has directed them to be responsibly developed on their behalf.… President Biden cannot simply ignore laws in effect for over half a century.”

There are some things a president just can not do to a free people, and definately mandate to the individual states. Especially, when the states are not recognizing the power of a corporation to rule over their freedoms to govern according to their own state constitutions and laws in place.

Success in the pushback is beginning as a federal judge temporarily blocked Biden’s EO halting the deportation of certain immigrants for 100 days.

Rep. Boebert Introduces Bill to Block Paris Agreement | Representative  Lauren Boebert

Meanwhile Freshman Republican Representative from Colorado, Lauren Boebert, challenged Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement generated a bill to stop it.

“Today, I introduced a bill that blocks all actions and funds for carrying out the Paris Agreement until a treaty is passed by the U.S. Senate.”

In a Tweet, Representative Boebert stated, “Unilaterally entering the Paris Agreement was wrong in 2016 and its wrong now! My bill prohibits Congress from spending a single penny on the Paris Agreement until this treaty is ratified by the United States Senate. Joe Biden took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. If he wants to keep it, he must transmit the job-killing Paris Agreement to the U.S Senate for ratification.”

She also filed bills to halt funding for the World Health Organization “until we hold them accountable for their role in COVID”; and another bill to overturn the president’s mask mandate.

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Today, I took action to hold the WHO and China accountable for their failures that contributed to the outbreak of the China virus.
Rejoining the WHO without ensuring accountability for the American people is the wrong move. Had the WHO not taken China at [its] word, COVID-19 would never have spiraled so deeply out of control.
The WHO is beholden to China and American taxpayers should not be sending them nearly a half a billion dollars each year.

Representative Lauren Boebert had warned that Biden would do what he has now done, and continues to speak out against his move to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. She is definately holding to her campaign promises!

Biden will revoke the Presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Keystone XL is projected to create 42,000 jobs & contribute $3.4 billion to our economy. Pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. Biden would rather import dirty oil from hostile nations.

Biden will immediately terminate funding for the wall on our southern border. Meanwhile he’ll be surrounded by walls and armed law enforcement at the Inauguration.I oppose this irresponsible and reckless action that puts our communities at risk. #WallsWork.”

Lauren Boebert is also under attack for upholding her right to conceal and carry a firearm on her person in the Capitol. Members of congress are against her permit and taking steps to call the woman dangerous.

Meanwhile, Congress Corporate Leader Pelosi, pushes the line to the edge calling Trump a “Domestic Enemy”.

Hold the line and pray for all those taking a stand to preserve your rights and freedoms. Remember, this is our nation, and our sovereignty depends on who we send to congress and the senate. We have all witnessed that the President can only do so much, and the gatekeepers are our representatives and senators. If we don’t have them, we are sold out to those who operate for the corporation and do not value our Constitution and Bill of Rights as anything but a weapon to use to push their progressive agenda.

Dianne Marshall


The economic system is rigged. The stock market schemes for short selling and manipulating the market is currently being exposed. This is not about an election, it is about bringing down the system. The system is rigged and people are now understanding how they have been HEDGE FUNDED UP AND DOWN at their own expense to profit GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH!

Sal Baldovinos post below, puts it into perspective for the average person to understand.

image 172

Losses on short positions in U.S. firms top $70 billion – Ortex data -Its data also showed that estimated losses from shorting GameStop at $1.03 billion year-to-date, while those shorting Bed, Bath & Beyond were looking at a $600 million loss. So while the great merchants were playing their games to ban the likes of “Game Stop; My Pillow; Bed, Bath & Beyond”, and others through short sales, here comes the small guys to stop the steal! The HEDGE FUNDS dump their sell offs, and “a new wave of aware buyers out to save the steal” buy it up as it tanks, and keep buying, and as they do, they immediately expose the “Casino Racket” and are called robbers! These so called robbers just exposed how all the hard working folks get taken by great merchants and their games in the market place on the working peoples dime! Remember when the “to big to fail” banks got bailed out the last time they played their short sell games? How many I.R.A.’s got bailed out? ZERO. Are you seeing the big picture yet? It is now being exposed HOW THEY STICK IT TO THE WORKER, and PROFIT OFF YOUR LOSSES multiple ways! It’s time to clean up another dirty system!

What this can mean is – collapse of central banks, and a move to a new monetary system. The air is leaking out of the balloon called the Fiat Dollar Scheme!

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Remember when Trump wrote the order that those who sell out their stocks (short selling) cannot buy back in later? There was a reason he did this. Now you are seeing why he did it in real time.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out


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Prophecy is being fulfilled and the people watch in disbelief. The capitol is surrounded by fence and guards. Be patient and pray for guidiance to understand for all things work according to God’s plan. Not ours, not any persons, nor ruler, but God’s plan in God’s timing for his purpose. Have Faith.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out


Things are moving along in Americanas Banana Republic Corporation. Some good, some questionable, but all according to the new CEO’s whims.

Oh like that’s gonna change some minds. This guy just widen the line of separation. He is showing his true colors and why something needs to be done about their casino games they pull on our own IRA’s. They are the cuprits who need to have their past actions dealt with. Something tells me they are about to meet some fierce competition. How about everyone pull their money out of the market so they can pull the steal on each other? What’s that? It won’t benefit them without all of our dollars? Wake up people and stop their steal. The election was just one part of the theft!


Buckle up, Joe, you’re in for a lot of legal battles and you should be.

28 JANUARY, 2021 / 14:25CST

Read full article here; Biden Was Just Put On Notice By 5 Republican AG’s Who Are Watching His Every Move – Rob Maness

North Korea calls Joe Biden a ‘rabid dog’ who deserves to be beaten to death.
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Say your prayers and brace yourselves… forecasting a few thunder storms ahead.

Dianne Marshall


Trump opens Florida office to push his former administration’s agenda

By Reuters Staff JANUARY 25, 20218:09 PM UPDATED 3 DAYS AGO


Trump opens Florida office to push his former administration’s agenda | Reuters


Before leaving office, Trump talked with associates about forming a political party called the “Patriot Party,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Peter Cooney

busting social media algorithms do they get you

But later he disavows it…

Well, That Didn’t Take Long…President Trump Begins To Organize Supporters With Bold Move: “Statement from the Office of the Former President” (


Mustang Medic, live feeds from Washington, D.C. – if live means true, then you decide. I believe my eyes, but as always, what is actually taking place is up for ponder and discernment.

Disclaimer: The video content is not necessarily the opinions of the Marshall report. Viewer discretion is advised.

God bless and stay safe.

Dianne Marshall

president trump speaks out