11-30-2020 A collection of todays hot tweets – Arizona Legislature is blown away by all the evidence they were shown and the witnesses. They are looking into election fraud in Arizona! Thank you Rudy Giuliani and Team! America is behind you and every patriot!

Here are some of the hot tweets of the day.
image 65
Retweeted by President Trump, with this comment “Why is he rushing to put a Democrat in office, especially when so many horrible things concerning voter fraud are being revealed at the hearing going on right now. @OANN
What is going on with @dougducey? Republicans will long remember!Ducy is in big fat trouble. Hope he has money for some big lawyers.”
Note: Not sure on this source, but it sounds most likely.
APNewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed
Republican Doug Ducey Certified Votes for Biden while his State Legislatures Heard Testimony About Massive Voter Fraud
This is a must read: Republican Doug Ducey Certified Votes for Biden while his State Legislatures Heard Testimony About Massive Voter Fraud | DJHJ Media

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Kemp is the virus and there is only one vaccine for him and that is the treason one in GITMO!
My guess is that soon Governors in treason jackets….on their way to GITMO!!!

V.A. SHIVA: “Dr.SHIVA LIVE: One Person, One Vote. Fight for America! Landmark Affidavit Filed in Federal Court Today.”

Had to throw the news about Biden falling and he can’t get up….on that note…Smile it is AMERICA FIRST AND THE RATS ARE SCRAMBLING.

Dianne Marshall

Seriously? CNN Admits China Gave False Report?Looks Like The Coup Is Cut Off At The Knees!

“CNN FINALLY REALIZES CHINA LIED 10 MONTHS LATER,” Tweeted Donald Trump Jr.! CNN discovers that China underreported its’ COVID -19 case numbers. President Trump has been saying this all along and CNN just learned this? Heck we all knew this. So what appears to be happening is a pull back of their takeover, especially since they no longer have the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and Justice Department infiltrated and many of their useless Governor heads are going down like Whitmer and Kemp…next on the list is Cuomo and Newsom. The only question is who will go first? Or will it be Oregon Governor Autonomous Zone? I mean Kate Snitch on your neighbors…I mean Kate Brown.

AP report claims China knew of pandemic danger in Wuhan even as officials  downplayed risk of virus - CNN

Either way in the case of China underreporting cases, out of a nation of over a billion- 5,918 cases doesn’t hit the charts. And to think they shut down the entire world for 2,478 reported cases from a land of 1,441,388,564! Do the math! Why did Birx and Fauci feed President Trump a line of plandemic Lockstep Reset bull? That is treason. What happens to all the small businesses that had to close permanently and those who lost homes, jobs, loved ones and peace of mind? What CNN is actually trying to do is justify their big COVID push to shut down and keep people masked six feet apart. That false flag has sailed far, far away and even the Karen’s are waking up!

What really happened? Looks like the vast trove of leaked documents showed much more than China COVID-19 numbers!!

It is looking like China is backing up or shall we say Globalists are backing up. General Flynn no longer has a gag order and he knows all about the dirty deals in Ukraine, China, and the rest of the world. He has the goods on all of them and he is at the wheel stirring a missile of information right at their propaganda shields! I can see them all melting. The media is desperately trying to cover their progressive bosses butts. The evil ones will not get away with their plans for America! Not on President Trump’s watch and he is watching everything along with many eyes in his command.

Keep spreading the truth! God Bless America and God Bless Every Patriot!

Dianne Marshall

Full Blown Propaganda War and Censorship! General Flynn Back On Trump's Team!

November 30, 2020 – General Flynn stated that Sidney Powell has a new Kraken Case In Michigan, “Today they just filed another Amendment to those in Georgia and in Michigan!”

Trump Is Talking About Pardoning Michael Flynn Based on a Made-Up Claim –  Mother Jones

The fake news is going full blown propaganda, ignoring any election fraud and continuing to act like Biden is the president. The best thing to win against their evil is to turn off the news, and go full bore on social sites that do not censor. Quite frankly it makes me so mad every time I see the fact checks on almost every thing Trump posts where you can’t share it, nor comment, nor like it. How is this even legal? He is the President of the United States and the Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces. I keep waiting for him to unplug their bot keepers and shove their algorithms where the sun don’t shine.

It could possibly be only a matter of time before he takes over the communication streams. After all we are at war, under a state of emergency and in the midst of a treasonous government overthrow. There may be a big reset coming and one they hadn’t planned on.

Trump turns Flynn case into a 2020 campaign issue | WJLA

During this time of censorship remember President Trump has a war chest he hasn’t touched yet. He can declare many things to defend the people from the oppression these minions are throwing at us and he will. Know that General Flynn knows everything about Ukraine, and the past sins of Presidents and other officials. Imagine his desire to blow these cases open wide? I’m sure he’s on it!

General Flynn is back on the President’s team!

President Trump 'Strongly Considering' Full Pardon for Former National  Security Advisor Michael Flynn - Tennessee Star

General Flynn stated in his first interview that President Trump has a clear path to victory, “We have clear, clear paths to winning for this president… If we don’t correct what is happening right now over the next couple of weeks then I hate to really think what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and into the next month. I do not believe for a second that the country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president.

“I was asked today 1 to 10 who will be the next president. I said Donald Trump. Hands down!… I believe we’re going to win.”

Hang in their Patriots and turn off Fake news! Watch true news at Oan, Newsmax, Epoch Times and Digital podcasts! There are many out there! Tell your friends and family where to hear the truth.

Meanwhile Attorney Lin Wood and Sidney Powell has gotten a Court order to stop Georgia from wiping their servers clean.

Lin Wood tweeted, “Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 & I won, then lost, but ended up winning. We will never give up the pursuit of TRUTH to achieve justice.”

Read the court order here:

SIDNEY POWELL – I'm Going To Blow Up Georgia First! Enter Stacey Abrams…

Attorney Powell signaled to those with eyes to see and ears to hear to take a good look at Stacey Abrams and figure out why she was attending the Bilderberg meeting on June 1st of 2019. Most importantly I think she wanted us to hear her opening remarks as a key speaker to her new masters. And to hear the applause from the same great merchants that she loves to bash with one hand as they pay her with the other. Keep In mind there were 31 attendees from the United States. And 16 of them are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). And remember the words of President John F. Kennedy when he addressed Marxism and Karl Marx that poor unknown journalist, at the American Newspaper Publishers Association. We now see Marx was the birther to Fake News. For they need their garbage peddlers to make it all work.

Remember – Progressive Democracy is Marxism and the globalists are always seeking to find the next Karl or Karlotta so they can groom them to do their dirty grunt work for their globalist causes. It’s always recruiting season. At the Bilderberg meeting Stacey made no qualms about her desire to rub elbows with the one percenters at the same time she shouts President Trump is a racist, xenophobic sexist, and homophobic misogynist. At the same time she spoke out about how Republicans are all engaged in systematic and aggressive “voter suppression”. I guess that’s because she knows that true Americans known as “We The People” don’t like dead people voting along with pets, non- citizens and algorithms. We also don’t like foreign interference of which seems to run rampant in all sovereign nations at this time.

In addition to all the funding by the same one percenters or great merchants of the earth, she is the first to shout income equality and condemn the rich who just get wealthy off the backs of the poor.

Oh the wonderful world of Marxism and the fundamentals of the hated, yet coveted almighty dollar. The same as the dollars Karl himself explained cause an ugly man to be treated like the most handsome creature on earth, and allows one to sell their soul for such power, praise and position by those they hate.

It’s the devil’s world and they are in it to fiddle and dance for him for a buck.  It just so happens to be fool’s gold and many are foolish enough to play and never understand that when they are found of no more use they are tossed to the side as quickly as they were embraced.  Might I add, the way they are tossed is not always beneficial. In fact it rarely is.  Stacey ended her speech with, “But,” she continued, “if I decide not to run and someone wins and decides they like me, I am open to conversation after June. (Laughter.) And there still is a state of Georgia and it does need a governor, and so I’m looking at that too. (Cheers, applause).” Read full speech here:

Well, this certainly explains her eagerness to stop the voter fraud recount and end any possibility of a fair election. It looks like this one just became a very useful eater for the great merchants of the earth. After all, she was open to conversation and it does appear she had an interesting one.

Remember it was Hilary Clinton while Secretary of State who said the CFR’s New York headquarters was her “mother ship” and said she was so pleased that the organization had opened a new office just down the street in the nation’s capital so that she and other officials wouldn’t have so far to go “to be told what we should be doing and how we should think.”

So Stacey might have well just shouted, beam me up as she answered the CFR’s question on what her plans were for 2020  that was immediately met with laughter. Then topped off with asking,  Senate, vice presidential options, or something else?

The question was obviously meant to deal with whether or not Joe Biden, the Democratic frontrunner at that time, would formally invite her to be his vice presidential running mate. And, if so, would she accept the invitation, or decide to throw her own hat into the already crowded ring.

Abrams responded:

“OK. (Laughter.) I’m going to tell you a secret I’ve told no one else. (Laughter.) OK, if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you. (Laughter.)

“No, look, I gave a lot of thought to the U.S. Senate. I recognized the critical nature of the Senate, the role it plays not only in promoting our ideals and concretizing them in legislation but also the role it plays in shaping our judiciary and protecting our values. However, I do not believe that you run for office simply because an office is there. An office is a job. And the skills for that job are important, but so is the intentionality of that job.

“My particular set of skills, I think — (laughs) — certainly could help me win that election. But when I thought about doing that job and that being the new path I would take — because it is a different career path; it’s six years, twelve years, eighteen years—the Senate was not the right place for me. My bent for most of my adult life has been systems — figuring out how do you organize systems to create change, to structure and promote the ideals that I hold to be true. And there are a set of jobs that I think best leverage that. I’ve created organizations such as the New Georgia Project, and most recently Fair Fight Action and Fair Count, to tackle the issues that I see. And those tend to be more executive-level jobs.”

While not stating definitely one way or the other what her plans are right now, Abrams went on to say, “I don’t think you run for second place, so I am not running on a ticket with anyone in the primary.”

“But,” she continued, “if I decide not to run and someone wins and decides they like me, I am open to conversation after June. (Laughter.) And there still is a state of Georgia and it does need a governor, and so I’m looking at that too. (Cheers, applause).”

Read more about Stacey at her Bilderberg Meeting here:

So now we fast forward back to the dilema of the day and that is the voter fraud in Georgia. It is looking like Stacey indeed had a conversation and got an assignment and she is fulfilling it well. She is now stating that more than 750,000 Georgians requested absentee ballots for Senate Runoffs. Really Stacey?

sidney powell i039m going to blow up georgia first enter stacey abrams
Trust me, it’s no secret…Sidney knows and remember what she said was going to happen to Georgia? It will be a big boom!
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It certainly is a battle between good versus evil and as Joe Big Guy said, a war for the souls of America! Pray for triumph over this lawlessness!

Dianne Marshall

DECEMBER 3, 2020 BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Stacey Abrams now under investigation for seeking out of state dead voters!

Georgia group founded by Stacey Abrams under investigation for seeking out-of-state, dead voters | Fox News

Sidney Powell Says Make This Tweet of Hers Go Viral!

The transportation of Federal mail in a privately-owned vehicle is against the law. FB and Twitter are censoring this photo. Make it go Viral!!!!

Enough of the censoring…it is time to go around the old way of doing things and think of new methods. Trying this one. Just so EVERYONE KNOWS, AT THIS TIME – I GET NO MONEY FOR CLICKS, DO NO ADS – AND HAVE NO HANDS OUT OR DONATION PAGES, LINKS, ETC.

I’ve already had things go viral and this is not about me trying to make my blog go viral…it is answering SIDNEY’S request. Spread the page and have everyone copy and paste to others. Thank you Patriots.

Dianne Marshall


The question is why did Stacey Abrams get invited to attend a Bilderberg meeting with all the movers and shakers in Great Merchants of the Earth Babylon Land? Her attendance among this year’s Bilderberg elites should be a red flag as it appears to be totally out of place. Is she or has she somehow filled a role generally filled by minor politicians? Or perhaps she is being considered for promotion as a future globalist leader? Or is she just a pawn to do some dirty work like help in voter fraud in Georgia? What was she promised? As noted in a recent article “Stacey Abrams Joins Globalist Elite, Anointed by CFR, Bilderberg Group,” Abrams is some how being annointed by the CFR, the Aspen Institute, the Brookings Institution, and other globalist groups, including, naturally, the leading opinionators of the FNM.

Bilderberg 2019 BIG SURPRISES! Stacey Abrams And Space Force – We Are Change

If you recall they were the ones that gave her millions of dollars of free, publicity during her recent run for governor in Georgia. Yet not a peep from fake news on her Bilderberg invitation and attendance. Why is that?

Bilderberg agenda 2019

The recent agenda at the Bilderberg 3 to 4 day talks that involved her attendance are strange topics indeed for a little ole failed Georgia candidate. Here are the official agenda topics provided by the Bilderberg press office:
1. A Stable Strategic Order
2. What Next for Europe?
3. Climate Change and Sustainability
4. China
5. Russia
6. The Future of Capitalism
7. Brexit
8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
9. The Weaponisation of Social Media
10. The Importance of Space
11. Cyber Threats

Well, your guess is as good as anyones, but the more we see why the devil went down to Georgia, it is beginning to look like they have a devious plan in place. Will she be annointed the next governor? Or does she have a special role to play in their revolutionary uprising? Time will tell what they had planned, but according to the recent events, those plans may very well have back fired.

Secretive Bilderberg Meeting Draws Pompeo and Kushner - The New York Times
Bilderberg Ahoy! Pompeo and Kushner join the billionaire boat club | World  news | The Guardian

Also attending were Secretary of State Pompeo and Kushner from the Trump Administration. They were not listed as guests. Is this part of keeping your enemies close? Or is this part of keeping tabs on a global world about to explode? Or something brewing that we know little to nothing about? Pompeo, Kushner visit Bilderberg Group event as US Iran policies raise concerns | The Times of Israel

Remember the Bilderberg Meeting took place June 1, 2019. A lot has transpired since that meeting. Now Kissinger and Albright are ousted from their strategy cabinet positions. And we have had the biggest voter fraud election in the history of the nation.BILDERBERG MEETING – JUN 01, 2019 ( We also have Lockstep in full force with Covid-19 bio weapon unleashed on the world and all nations battling revolts from their people. Among all the nations…it appears that the United States is the only nation that is fighting for their people against the cabal.

Pray that all things work together for good.

Dianne Marshall


How many Americans knew this was going on in 2013 thru 2016? How many know now?

How many know that Biden has been charged by Ukraine of a Class A Felony?

Watch the full movie here!!!
How many will see this was an inside job to create a revolution to topple the Ukrainian Government? How many know that Obama, Biden, McCain, and even Graham along with ambassadors and other key government players were involved in this toppling?

Many of the key players involved with bringing down the Ukrainian Government are the same ones that Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff used in their basement trials when they were trying to impeach President Trump.

How many knew that some of the Dem’s their key witnesses were key players in toppling Ukraine?

Pelosi unsure when articles of impeachment will be sent to Senate

How many remember Pelosi’s hand picked impeachment managers?

It Insults Everybody's Intelligence”: Nancy Pelosi's Handpicked Impeachment  Managers Are Trying to Make GOP Senators Own Trump's Guilt | Vanity Fair

How many knew why they were desperately trying to accuse President Trump of something their own Obama Administration along with some RINO’s were guilty of doing?

What were they afraid of? They were afraid of what is about to boomerang and explode in their own faces. International war crimes and treason against their own country. It is Biblical.

image 62
McCain speaking to the masses in Ukraine. Why?
image 63
Snipers fired shots at the civilians fired from the Ukraine Hotel. This was not from the citizens. The revolution was a masacre by those toppling the Ukrainian Government. Not the people in a revolution! It was a blood bath. Similar to the ANTIFA and Matters Soros groups. It was a blood bath. This appears to be in the plans for America…they always follow their playbook when they topple nations. Thank God for President Trump and all those who have taken a stand to guard this land and its’ people.

The European Union was in league with the toppling, Obama was not alone. These are the same ones that want to rule the world. The same ones that are in Lockstep and are using COVID-19 as their bio warfare weapon to topple all nations. Their plans are the same for all nations. The end result is to push a revolution, cripple all cities, mass killing of the people and destroy sovereignty of all nations. Bringing them all into a new world order run by the same evil souless bast>>ds that toppled Ukraine and other nations.

Pray for justice for the innocent that were killed in the US progressive democratic marxists who assisted in the toppling of Ukraine for the oligarchs new world disorder. Pray that Durham and A.G. Barr bring justice to address the evil web of Burisma as a shell company for the cabal. Joe – where is Hunter?

Who knew? Honestly folks, who knew this happened? Who knew this was going on while we were campaigning for President Trump? And Hillary was not campaigning. Why bother…she had hammer and scorecard and already stolen the spot from Bernie. Meanwhile, I’m sure she was watching the transactions going on in Ukraine and her other Solar panel dealings. She had a lot on her plate. No time to be bothered with campaigning when she had Dominion over all.

Today, Joe had a wrestle with a dog and twisted his ankle. All it took was a dog to bring him down. What a dog right?

Dianne Marshall

“It’s almost as if [Ukrainian] oligarchs are part of the process in which people rise to power,” she said. Read more here: Ukraine fighting: Oligarchs work behind the scenes (


All this winning. Thank God prayers are being answered!

Nov 28, 2020 A county board in northern Michigan approved a vote to impeach current governor Gretchen Whitmer 4-2 in favor. The resolution will be brought before the #Michigan State Legislature, who will have to decide Whitmer’s fate asGovernor.Whitmer’s unconstitutional executive orders. #Whitmer has ignored court orders. She has violated the citizens Constitutional rights and sent elderly into nursing homes just like Cuomo in New York. The governor’s handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes has been a target of Republican criticism. About 33% of the state’s deaths linked to the virus have been nursing home residents or employees, according to state data.

Whitmer has completely ignored due process and the legislature, and weaponized contract tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns.

After all the evil lockdown mandates, with more piling on top of an already oppressed state full of burning cities by Mayors who followed the orders in lockstep with Whitmer – who is now losing her seat as fast as she gained it. Elected in 2018 she was not good from the start.

Whitmer, a national co-chair of Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential campaign, has clashed frequently with President Donald Trump over the federal response to COVID-19. Trump has criticized Whitmer on Twitter and in media statements on her unconstitutional mandates on the people. A.G. Barr had frequently asked citizens in all states to report to their office any violations of their rights. In May 2020, A.G. Barr backed Michigan Businesses’ Lawsuit against Governor Whitmer’s Restrictions. Attorney General Calls For Review of Whitmer’s Restrictions (

image 59

Finally on Thursday, Barr decided to do something about the alleged election fraud, sending federal investigators to Michigan to follow up on a startling admission from a Post Office whistleblower. The whistle blower demanded to know, “How are we going to have any integrity in this country if we are just going to let things slide?” The AG agreed and sent in the troops. FINALLY: AG Barr Makes His Move – The GOP Times

image 60

Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock claimed that Whitmer had “Ignored court orders. Violated our Constitutional rights. Completely ignored due process and the legislature. Weaponized contract tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns. Caused the unnecessary death of thousands of our vulnerable elderly who died alone and scared in nursing homes,” when listing the reasons he believed she should be impeached. Michigan County Board Approves Resolution to Impeach Gov. Whitmer – Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter

Now who is waiting to see Cuomo, Beetlejuice, and Newsom? Tick Tock.

And let’s not forget Oregon Governor Kate Brown with her highly unconstitutional (to the point of enemy of the people) Snitch On Your Neighbors For Violating Thanksgiving COVID Orders

Oregon Governor: Snitch On Your Neighbors For Violating Thanksgiving COVID Orders

Then we have California Governor Gavin Newsom, (Pelosi’s nephew) who finally got a big slap and has been barred by a judge from overstepping his powers and making controversial coronavirus directives that could change state laws.

Since declaring a state of emergency in mid-March, Newsom has issued more than 50 executive orders over the pandemic — including ones on how people vote in the election, the Los Angeles Times noted.

On November 3, 2020 it was reported that Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman on Monday tentatively ruled that one of his orders — requiring vote-by-mail ballots to be sent to the state’s 22 million registered voters — was “an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power.”

Who will be next? And how will this end? I believe it will all be contained and one by one, in an orderly movement the tyrants shall all be removed. Especially those who were a part of election fraud to overthrow the government. You will know them by their works…any and all who oppressed the people through tyrannical mandates shall lose their seats in more ways than one. Watch and see.

God bless America and God Bless President Trump who has fought the good fight for each of us for the past four years! And is willing to do it for another four!

Dianne Marshall

BLUE SKY REPORT – Lt. Gen. McInerney Calls for Insurrection Act With Habeas Corpus…

Remember Trump is fighting the deep state cabal which include the Bilderberg club! Pelosi et al are like igor Dr. Frankenstein’s loyal assistant. Dumb but loyal.

image 58

It looks like President Trump may be opening up his war chest of things to do during war time or under the emergency powers act. He has very many options. It will be interesting to watch the master chess player make his moves. Key pieces are already in play…and trust me this is beyond 5-G chess we are up in the double digets. But, fear not…Trump has all the options he needs. No action has presently been taken, but he has reviewed all his options and has told us all over and over again at his rallys and in his tweets. The globalist puppets either thought he wouldn’t dare, or thought if he did their own infiltrated henchmen would take care of it and twist it that Trump was some type of tyrant and not themselves.

Well, Trump has played them like a fiddle and so far the Governors, Mayors, Progressive Dems, and RINO’s are the ones that have trapped themselves into a corner in a very tiny room so small….social distancing is not an option. Their masks will not save them for what is coming!

BlueSkyReport@BlueSky_Report has tweeted the following breaking news:

Lt. Gen. Mcinerney calls for the Insurrection Act & suspension of Habeas Corpus. Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.


What this means…


So shame on the censorship that both evil fake news and social media techs have pushed. Did they really think they would be able to continue their stupid censor fact check “can’t tweet President, like, share or comment” game? Now the stupid get SMACKED AND WACKED! If he does indeed, which it looks like he will roll out this executive privilege at a time of war and emergency….it is another win for patriots!

God bless America and God bless President Trump!

Dianne Marshall


This sure looks familiar…remember the ankle monitors not so long ago? It seemed to be a pandemic of sprained ankles…and now we have Biden all booted up. All I have to say is…”Get well soon….and a few other things.”

image 56

Fake news stated that Biden twisted his ankle while playing with a dog. They didn’t name the dog. I have an idea it wasn’t your regular run of the mill dog….just an idea.

Dianne Marshall