By By American (RINO) Pie…

Stand up Virginia – it’s time to get up and dance to the poles!  Don’t allow the GOP to stink up this election!  It’s time to expose the RINO party and vote in real patriots who want to make America great again!  Anyone can drive the chevy to the levy and say this will be…Continue readingBy By American (RINO) Pie…


The GOP has watched social media like a hawk.  They knew Trey Gowdy supporters were primarily Trump supporters and other patriots.  They certainly under estimated Trump supporters all the way around. Trey has every right to support who he wants, but don’t expect Trump supporters to leave the real leader that will make America great…Continue readingMAJOR GOP ESTABLISHMENT FAIL

Trey Gowdy Show Season 2 Cancelled!

In Gowdy’s first event to support Rubio he got slammed with negative questions. Let it be known this will get worse. Social media is already going viral, just not in the way the GOP establishment wanted. It is a major backlash. The publicity is that of outrage, not of votes. This is another wake up call that once again proves…Continue readingTrey Gowdy Show Season 2 Cancelled!

The Real Bullies Are The Liars Attacking Trump!

The only bad things Trump has said were said by the media and candidates who said that he said them.  Meaning – the media and candidates lied and it was a smear campaign.  The real nonprofessionals and the real bombastic foul mouths are those who are saying Trump said or meant something he never said and or meant.…Continue readingThe Real Bullies Are The Liars Attacking Trump!


The establishment elite want their political puppets in power. They have a long history of getting what they want and will go to any length and cost to get it. These are the same elite who control all forms of media and dictate the pys-op propaganda.  Their mission is to control the populations thinking, their will, and their emotions by any…Continue readingTRUMP VERSUS POLITICAL PUPPET MASTERS


Gowdy is now declaring that Marco who was born in 1971 to Cuban nationals that did not become citizens of the US until 1975 qualifies little anchor baby Rubio to meet the qualifications of presidential citizenship. This is absurd and a total shredding of the constitutional requirements. They were not citizens.  If Marco’s father  or mother…Continue readingRUBIO IS NOT ELIGIBLE AND GOWDY KNOWS IT.

MEDIA PROPAGANDA – Not Working Anymore!

The media so badly distort the news, and promote a false narrative that they create uninformed voters.  This is not by poor journalism this is by design and in lock step with their puppet masters who push psy-op propaganda to purposely misinform and dumb down the public. This is nothing new.  What is new is that the public is now becoming aware that it…Continue readingMEDIA PROPAGANDA – Not Working Anymore!

Something Doesn't Add Up With Gowdy…

I have been a Gowdy admirer for a long time.  Something just doesn’t look right here.  He is not winning his committee cases and has a record of never losing a case in his prosecutor career.  He is a loyal guy from South Carolina and agreed the confederate flag should come down.  He is supposed…Continue readingSomething Doesn't Add Up With Gowdy…

Gowdy Sided With Liberals To Remove What?

How many people were paying attention when Gowdy sided to take down the Confederate Flag?  Just asking as it was barely publicized. From the article in the link below:  Gowdy also joined with his state’s Sens. Scott and Graham call to remove the Confederate from the state Capitol, saying, “To me, that flag is a…Continue readingGowdy Sided With Liberals To Remove What?

What Else Could It Be?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him. Said Obama about Obama care.  If you like your life you can keep it said the regime to Gowdy….if you value it, you will not find anything substantial to convict any of the Obama Regime. Now, that we have your attention Gowdy, you will do what…Continue readingWhat Else Could It Be?