Trump is now being criticized for comparing the election to a war.  Well folks, what would you call it if you were attacked from the entire establishment every minute by the minute? When the entire GOP is figuring out strategies to take you down and using terms like “someone needs to put a bullet in…Continue readingTRUMP CALLED IT WHAT IT IS!

GOP Prepared To Fall On Their Swords To Stop Trump!

The GOP has obviously been instructed by the establishment to fall on their own swords in this election. The word has undoubtedly been issued to stop Trump at all costs even if it means destroying the GOP party.  I am sure they have been assured there will be a slight hour of moaning and groaning and…Continue readingGOP Prepared To Fall On Their Swords To Stop Trump!


Little by little, inside our educational systems, truth has been replaced with theories and philosophy and the people had it so.  Cunning men who desired a society of controlled humanity for their own advantage devised control systems to direct the proper number of worker bees into the various segments of employment, along with designated levels of potential…Continue readingTRUMP ENDS THE ROBOTIC REGIME!

NWO Establishment Coup d'état Against America, TRUMP Is Our Only Chance To Stop It!

  Beware of how the media lies and makes things look different than what they are to mind wash the masses to do what they want them to do. We must learn from the past and learn the propaganda methods that are used. In the video, you will see the lies we have been fed?…Continue readingNWO Establishment Coup d'état Against America, TRUMP Is Our Only Chance To Stop It!

Soros Backing Hillary and Rubio!

George Soros has backed Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Soros has also backed Rubio’s campaign.  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? Do you not see how puppets are chosen? Pick a puppet, pad their wallets, dictate their movement and collect the favors.  Control the masses and direct society into the clutches of their tyranny. So much for the…Continue readingSoros Backing Hillary and Rubio!

Trump's Message Empowers The People!

Trump’s message rings out loud and clear to all ages, all classes, all nationalities and minorities.  He is a sounding cymbal in an era of clashing brass and slammed doors. What Trump has done is totally awakened the people who were sleeping. He has made all who were obeying the politically correct police snap out…Continue readingTrump's Message Empowers The People!

Establishment Scared Of Trump Supporters!

The establishment is running very scared at Donald John Trump and his supporters.  Apparently they have discovered that the Donald has aroused their curiosity and brought their ability to critically think to the forefront of this election. In my book “Burning Whispers” I wrote in 2007, I have a chapter on the Prussian school system…Continue readingEstablishment Scared Of Trump Supporters!

ESTABLISHMENT PUPPETS OF THE PUPPETS…ARE YOU ONE? Those who have been orchestrating the psy-op manipulation are now the ones going publicly stark raving mad.  They are all getting old and running out of time to see their new Orwellian order come into its final full phase. Then, to complicate the matter you have Donald Trump warning the people that ISIS refugees…Continue readingESTABLISHMENT PUPPETS OF THE PUPPETS…ARE YOU ONE?


Trump was excellent tonight at his rally in New Hampshire. He pointed out how Cruz was promising to build a wall on the border, and a great wall at that.  Trump was shaking his head asking, “Can you believe it?  Cruz is using my wall like it’s his idea!” Trump reminded the crowd how Rush Limbaugh said he got the worst…Continue readingTRUMP CALLS OUT CRUZ FOR TAKING HIS IDEAS AT RALLY!

GOP – You Have An Establishment Club, Not A Party!

To the GOP, We the people are wide awake.  For a long time we have been without a true presidential candidate that truly stood for the people.  In the past we settled for whomever seemed to have the best to offer, even though we knew in our hearts after we cast our votes, we had merely gone…Continue readingGOP – You Have An Establishment Club, Not A Party!