“As The World Shakes”…The Global Soap Opera of The Century!

So while the world’s left hand is smacking at Great Britain’s P.M. Liz Truss, we need to look at the what the other hand is hitting at … which brings us back to Russia and Ukraine. The soap opera continues. We left off last with General Surovikin being appointed by President Putin of Russia to finish the war in Ukraine that is orchestrated and funded by NATO, EU, and U.S., Inc.’s Joey Biden.

A select group of European nations have been supplying Zelensky with his requests for billions, planes, tanks, radar, missiles, but so far have denied his request for nukes. in return he has continued to launder their money, keep their monkey pox monstrous biolab secrets, continue their dark human and child trafficking nightmares under wraps and blow up his own infrastructure and blame it on Putin.

The media has continued their wrap up smears and many blind sheep continue to believe Putin is the evil one and the EU, NATO, UN et al are the good guys defending the Ukrainian people from evil Putin.

image 247

Well as Zelensky pretends he is here and there behind his green screen studio, General Surovikin has decided to ramp up the war efforts and not drag guerilla warfare out but end it swiftly.

As reported by Intel Slavo Z, Surovikin has said, “Ukrainians and we are one people and we want Ukraine to be independent from the West and NATO, to be on friendly terms with Russia.” He warned that while Ukraine is drawing all available reserves to the front. Terodefense forces dominate among them. They are sent to be slaughtered.

The general reported that Ukraine’s daily losses are hundreds of dead and wounded. He stated, “We do not strive for high rates of tension, we methodically grind the enemy and move forward. Protecting the lives of our soldiers and civilians.”

Surovikin made note that their latest hypersonic air missiles “Dagger” have proven themselves in hitting targets. He also reported that the Ukrainian authorities use nationalist detachments against their own military, who shoot everyone who tries to leave the battlefield.

How would you like to be fighting for Ukraine? Soldiers are literally being sent to the slaughter with no retreat to regroup allowed. It is insane battle strategy. But, then again… we have seen how he has murdered his own citizens who have lived in Ukraine their entire lives, he has bombed them and declared war on them, just because they are ethnic Russians.

And that is what this Russia so called invasion is all about. It is defending good citizens whose roots are of Russia against a crazed NATZI regime who has partnered with the one world order mission and allowed them to use Ukraine as a hub of destruction for RiCCO crimes, dark money laundering, illegal bioweapon research and production, human sex trafficking, child trafficking, drugs and a host of things that are against the international courts for human rights and war crimes.

So remember in the last episode of Zelensky Good and Putin Bad, Liz Truss was on fire and going to end Putin’s regime!

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We pause here for a moment of silence and tribute to the Truss that went up in flames. She will be remembered in history as Illiterate for the position….

Now back to our soap opera update:

On the 18th of October, Surovikin stated, “There is evidence of the possibility of Kiev using prohibited methods of war in the Kherson region, preparing a missile attack on the dam of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.”

Surovikin said the Kherson region has become unsafe as a difficult situation has developed there, the enemy (Ukrainian troops) are attacking residential buildings, social and industrial infrastructure. The Antonovsky bridge and Kakhovskaya dam were damaged. There is difficulty delivering products, and there have been interruptions in water and electricity. This poses a threat to life for the inhabitants of the area. The Russian Federation Armed Forces will ensure the safe, already announced departure of the population under the resettlement program being prepared by the Russian government.

The Vice Governor of the Kherson region, Stremousov, said the battle for Kherson will begin in the very near future after they evacuate the people who live in the region.

And they made good on that claim as yesterday’s offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Berislav didn’t go as they had wanted.

image 248

Nations are sending money, mercenary troops, equipment right down the toilet as everything they send is destroyed as they send it. I am sure the money is not being spent..it has to be going in other pockets. This is the most scattered bloody mess everwitnessed in modern day warfare. Bloody show…nothing but a bloody show at the expense of their own citizens under their governing.

From the Ukrainian insider telegram channel:

“Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President instructed the SBU to control the publication of the destruction of critical infrastructure, all information should be stopped and not get into social networks. At Bankova, they want to minimize the psychological effect of missile strikes on Ukrainians and prevent the release of information to the Western media. Technologists believe that this may cause doubts among our partners and a new wave of weapons sabotage.

Ya think Zelensky or whoever is leading this puppet show? So now you know what the left hand was hiding from the right hand!

image 257

Ukraine, EU, NATO are losing big league!

It just got DEADLIER AND MORE SERIOUS.  It always was and now they can’t hide it nor can they wrap up smear it. Casulties and losses are way to high and Surovikin has decided to end this mess once and for all going full attack on Ukrainan forces once civilians are evacuated to safety in the region. As he announced on the 18th.

Germany handed over to Ukraine the first of four promised radars for the IRIS-T air defense system.

According to the technical documentation, TRML-4D radars are capable of detecting, tracking and recognizing various types of airborne objects within a radius of 250 km. About 1.5 targets are simultaneously fixed in the “field of view” of the radar. Will this help? Doesn’t look like it now does it?

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced the need for a strategic review of relations between his country and Germany, taking into account the current situation in the world.

According to him, “it would create a new, perhaps stronger alliance.”

Meanwhile France has its citizens protesting in the streets and ready to oust Macron.

So we have the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced the need for a strategic review of relations between his country and Germany, taking into account the current situation in the world.

According to him, “it would create a new, perhaps stronger alliance.” I guess they will hold hands as their empires collapse around them as Germans are also protesting in the streets. No one likes their ideas of a one world utopia where they have nothing and are happy to be bot slaves.

Meanwhile, Belarusian servicemen meet their colleagues from Russia…In Belarus, the Allied Group of Forces has been deployed in the western direction, and it has already begun work.

image 250

Meanwhile, Putin visited the training ground in the Ryazan region, where the mobilized are being trained.

image 251

Putin’s presence has raised the moral of the troops in the Ryazan training camps.

image 253

And while he’s there Putin takes his turn to show off his marksmanship by firing off some rounds.

image 252

Above photo: Putin fires an SVD during a visit to a training ground in the Ryazan region.

image 254

Can you imagine Joey Avatar doing that?  Jill would have to do some magic with his icecream cone.

image 255

Below, Putin receives the report on the combat gear for troops.

image 256

Meanwhile as Kiev is in a black out…Joey Avatar back in the United States is exploring the possibility of applying new sanctions against Russia and Iran due to their military-technical cooperation. This was stated by the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby.

What will it be this time?  They tried no gas, no oil, no Star Bucks, will it be no icecream cones?

Never Forget RUSSIA HAS THE RIGHT TO PUNISH NAZIS ANYWHERE according to UN Charter https://un.org/en/about-us/un-charter/chapter-17…

Russia (as the LEGAL successor to the USSR) can also use force against states that want to overhaul the Yalta-Potsdam system in Europe!

image 260

And now they are sayingThe Russia-Ukraine War provides an opportunity to reform the UN. How about dismantle it all together?

They say… To prevent a repeat of the devastation in Ukraine, we need to think long-term, which means UNSC reform. At least they are admitting it’s a mess! Read: The Russia-Ukraine war provides an opportunity to reform the UN | United Nations | Al Jazeera

We shall see where that train goes?

Meanwhile, Joey Avatar’s Pfizer boss is putting pressure on him to meet his quota of death jab takers. People are still resisting. I hear this is all UN RESET push.

image 258

They best get to work on the UN reform… before WEF or some proxy war NATO member just happens to leave a weaponry door open somewhere and Zelensky tacticle nukes something and blames it on Russia.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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