10 Billion Will Be Spent To Get Your Vote In The 2016 Election! Where Is That Money Coming From?

It doesn’t matter who it is, big donors want favors. Big donors of Super PACs are wanting great merchant of the earth type favors. Big donors can corrupt the best of candidates. They train their puppets on what to say to deceive and teach them the tricks on how to skirt issues and present policies in nicely wrapped packages all the while never showing what is really inside of them.  That is what it is and that is the name of the BIG DONOR SUPER PAC GAME. 
Rarely, if ever, will you find a super PAC that will receive 30 million dollars from unemployed, broke Americans. They will tell you it was received from 2 million or 5 million happy voters. Do the math – where are all these millions really coming from? Especially when there were 17 plus candidates running for office all with SUPER PACS except one,  Donald John Trump.
He is the only one who stepped out to shut down those who were trying to raise money based on his name and he was against these PACs and exposed them for what they really were. They are legalized money liners for those in political pundit careers who rake the cream of the money off the top – giving the small remainder of dollars to the candidate’s campaign. All the while now owning their new puppet.
The reality is, these donor amounts are still an illusion, the real dollars keep coming in and keep being spent… candidates could spend up to $2 billion each to get to the White House. And the total costs could reach $10 billion for the presidential and congressional races in 2016!
Do you really believe the campaign dollars are coming from main street USA? Think again.
So, look deep and wide and look at how the entire game is played. Look for key words, slight of hand, smoke and mirrors and most of all look at the real track records and the real lies being told. Look at the advisors who are getting paid by super PAC money and see who these advisors work for. You will see an army of worker bees for the great merchants of the earth and many great merchants themselves. 
Do your homework. It is what it is. Facts are facts. It isn’t just Cruz, it is Rubio, Hillary, Christy, Fiorina, all of them except Trump. Although Bernie Sanders has condemned super PACs, still they are out there. It is a political game to raise funds, pad pockets, and move the puppets around on the stage. Pundits go nuts this time of year making money off propaganda and skewing facts. The reality is when they are all saying the same thing and it is more of the same…they are an establishment puppet. When they are saying new things but have not been able to accomplish anything while in the senate, nor have they voted for the key issues that they stand by, and when they have played poison pen games with amendments to bills (that are purposely difficult to explain) – they are deceiving the voter.
It is very easy to tell a lay person that they don’t understand what goes on in the senate or the congress. Heck, the people already know that. That is why they are angry at their representatives and have no faith in the government any more. So those that continue to base their failed accomplishments on this weak excuse deserve no chance of ever leading the highest office. The globalist own every one of them. Just look at all of them. Look at how the entire system has been bullied or bought. It is time for a president who will clean this mess up. That is why I am voting for Trump.


Excellent Testimonial:
“Our system is both broken and corrupt. The 2016 presidential election will take place without electoral reform and without campaign finance reform and indeed the electronic voting machines can be manipulated to steal states with a close vote as well… Only one candidate is funding his own campaign: Donald John Trump The election is already set-up for Hillary Clinton to steal it. Only Trump can defeat her. It is time to get off the fence and support Trump.” John Miranda
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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